I’m counting hours now!

It’s funny how easily distracted I can get.  All last month I joked at work that I was distracted.  I was physically present, but other than that I was elsewhere, making plans, researching, just being elsewhere.  And now, with less than 24 hours before my flight, when I should be thinking about last minute stuff, all I could come up with was…I forgot to tell people where I found the pattern for my Mini-Aunty.  What’s even funnier?  I can’t remember where I originally found the pattern for my Mini-Aunty.  I suspect Ravelry, but I can’t be sure.  I do know that it wasn’t direct from the designer’s website, which I totally regret not discovering till now.  I just found the designer’s blog and totally wish that I had seen it before.  There are so many crafty knits that I could’ve procrastinated on and many of them I know my nieces and nephews would’ve appreciated.  Anyway, please check out the link here for Teeny tiny knitted toys, which I used as my inspiration for Mini-Aunty.  It’s a free pattern, which is always great.  And as you scroll through the rest of the designer’s blog, Julie Williams’ Little Cotton Rabbits, I think you’ll find something that will tempt your knitting tastebuds.  Did you see the rabbit with the red dress and shoes?  So adorable!


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