Quick Links – Hiking


  • BC Parks – A good place to get updates about trails in the Province of British Columbia.   www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/
  • BearAware – Lots of information on Bear and Cougar Safety as well as a link on Bear Sightings.  This link also includes cougars, coyotes and other wildlife sightings!  www.bearaware.bc.ca
  • Vancouver Trails – Provides good descriptions of trails and includes pictures and maps and directions on how to get to the trail.  The comments that people leave behind are for the most part very helpful.  www.vancouvertrails.com
  • Canada Trails – I discovered this site while in New Brunswick.  The descriptions provided were super helpful.  I haven’t had a chance to check out the links for BC yet.  www.canadatrails.ca
  • trailpeak – I discovered Gollum’s cave on this site.  However I also discovered that descriptions of locations can be wrong since it was on this site that I found the cave listed as near Grand Bay-Westfield, when it actually wasn’t.  Other than the wrong location, the description of the trail was pretty good.  But check out a few more sites just to verify the locations of trails.  It does look like there are trail listings for all over Canada, but I only used it for New Brunswick.  www.trailpeak.com
  • EveryTrail – I was lucky to discover this website while researching Gollum’s cave.  It looks like people can post pictures and share their experiences on the trail.  This one was great for Gollum’s cave, except for one thing, the start of the trail!  www.everytrail.com
  • 1001 Steps Park, Surrey – Should you want to give this a try, it certainly is a very scenic location.  I don’t know if it really is 1001 steps, but it sure feels like it after going up it two times!  http://www.greatervancouverparks.com/1001Steps01.html

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