Local Yarn Shops


  • Knitmap – I love this website.  You plug in the city you’re headed to and it tells you all the yarn and wool shops in that city.  I’ve used this many times for Hong Kong, Vancouver, Chilliwack, and Fredericton.  www.knitmap.com
  • Three Bags Full – My  local yarn shop.  threebagsfull.ca
  • Urban Yarns – Two locations, One in Vancouver and the other in North Vancouver.  I’ve only bee to the one in Vancouver.  www.urbanyarns.com
  • Gina Brown’s Yarn – Gina Brown’s granddaughter openned this shop.  Gina Brown has her own shop in Calgary.  ginabrownsyarn.blogspot.ca
  • Maiwa – Located on Granville Island.  www.maiwa.com
  • Wool & Wicker – Located in Steveston.  Finish your fish and chips and then walk over to the yarn shop.  I really like this shop.  www.woolandwicker.com
  • Aunt Debbie’s Knit & Stitch Shop – Located in Chilliwack.  I can’t really comment since I missed the shop completely while I was there.  www.knit-and-stitch.ca
  • River City Yarns – Two locations in Edmonton.  I got my sister to take me to both locations.  www.rivercityyarns.com
  • Yarn shops in Hong Kong – Too many to list individually, but this link here is great!
  • Yarn Garden – Located in Portland,OR, USA, just outside of the downtown area.  A really great store with lots of selection.
  • Knit Purl – Located in downtown Portland.  Also a nice store, but Yarn Garden is much bigger.  www.knit-purl.com/store/pc/home.asp
  • Yarn shops in Wellington and New Zealand – This is a great blog that has several posts about yarn stores in Wellington and other parts of New Zealand.  I haven’t had a chance to visit them all yet, but I did make it out to some of the Knit Worlds and the Red Carpet Tour took us to Stansborough!  kiwiyarns.wordpress.com/tag/new-zealand-yarn-stores/
  • Cruellas – A yarn store in Nelson, South Island, New Zealand.  Lots of lovely stuff.  www.cruellas.co.nz
  • Holland Road Yarn Company – I visited their new location in Wellington.  Next time I’d like to visit their location in Petone.  http://holland-road-yarn-company.myshopify.com

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