Good Night Vancouver

This post will come to you from the twilight zone.  When I get on the plane for Middle Earth, it will be the second day of January but when I get off the plane 14 hours later I will have lost a complete day and will arrive on the fourth day of January.  Time is so weird.  So while I am in this twilight zone, I thought I’d provide you an updated map and show you the Mini-Aunty that will stay behind at the office and keep my map company.

While in the twilight zone, I will let my thoughts wander, because I can.  But really my thoughts wander whether I’m in a twilight zone or not.

I wonder what Big Sister Z will learn in pre school.  She’ll be two months smarter than before I left.  I know she already misses me and I hadn’t even left when she said it to me.  Oh so heartbreaking.

I wonder if Little Brother Z will be calling his sister by her proper name by the time I return, rather than calling her by the name of a fuzzy fruit with green flesh that is very common in New Zealand.  It’s really cute to hear, but really, that’s not her name.

I will be leaving behind winter in Vancouver.  Hurray!  This means no rain storms, no wind storms and…I would like to say snow storms, but who am I kidding.  It’s Vancouver.  Our last snow dump lasted for two days and then it was washed away completely by rain on the third day.  I wonder if there will a larger dump of snow while I’m gone.  I wonder if it will last longer than two days.

I will be leaving behind my friends and family, hopefully with the motivation to continue with their spinning and kickboxing classes.  Will they kick my butt when I return?  I certainly hope so.  Maybe they’ll take up a new class while I’m gone.

I will miss my friends and family.  But there is no going back.  When this is posted, I will be travelling through the twilight zone, having already lost a day even though I’ve only been in the air for just a couple of hours.  My next post to you will be in Auckland, New Zealand.

Until then, I will sign off and wish you a very good night.


2 thoughts on “Good Night Vancouver

  1. Looking forward to hear about you adventure. Your friends and family are coming along too, except we are in the back seats.

    May the Force of Hobbit be with you. May your journey be safe and full of wonders.

    Yoo-hoo, let’s go……..

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