While I was away…

School came to an end… DSC_3559

Work related training could not be avoided anymore…

Chilliwack Lake to de-stress

Chilliwack Lake to de-stress


Summer officially arrived…

IMG_3639 DSC_0241

Canada had another birthday…


Quarry Rock called out again for another visit…IMG_3671 IMG_3667

The newest of Auntie’s Favourites came to visit…IMG_3759 IMG_3831 IMG_3850

Someone said I needed a little more colour…IMG_3924 IMG_3919

A couple of my Favourites decided I needed a little more colour, but not so bright this time…


We had some late night fun at a family wedding…IMG_3990 IMG_4059

Donuts were calling…IMG_3680 IMG_3670

A visit to my newest Favourite was a must…IMG_3784

A three year project finally came to an end…IMG_3897

The Night Race had to be revisited…IMG_4031

As well as the Granville Island Turkey Trot…

And of all things, who knew that working on this could cause an injury that would hurt more than all my running injuries…IMG_4070 IMG_4081 IMG_4076IMG_4093 IMG_4124 IMG_4102 IMG_4097

But I recovered just in time to run my final 10K of the year…IMG_4127 IMG_4138 IMG_4129IMG_4134 IMG_4150 IMG_4154IMG_4156

And less than 24hrs later, completed my final half marathon of the year…IMG_4159IMG_4166 IMG_4170366576_209662270_XLarge IMG_4176

And there are still two months left before the end of the year…




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