Run for Women

So how does a person recover from dehydration and heat exhaustion after running their first 1/2 marathon?  Well other than rest, fluids, electrolytes, and more rest…how about another run?  On this beautiful day down in Westbrook Village at UBC, the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women was an event not to be missed.  It consisted of a kids 1KM, 5KM and 10KM run/walk.  My friend Deb joined me and we both walked the 5KM route.  And what a lovely route.  It took us into Pacific Spirit Park and as always, it was a really nice set of trails.  We were shielded from the sun’s rays and heat and it made for a very pleasant adventure.

This was a really enjoyable event.  I call it an event because it was more than just a run.  We had several great speakers before the start of the run:  John Stanton, Dr. Hedy Fry and speakers from Shoppers Drug Mart and the BC Women’s Hospital.  All the donations and pledges went to BC Women’s Hospital and I think they said a total of $20,000 was raised.  Amazing.  There were lots of ladies in tutus, rainbow coloured hair, sparkly hula skirts, feather boas and I got quite a few compliments on my rainbow socks!  Rainbows make everything better!  If I do this again next year, I’ll have to find a tutu to go with the socks!  I think this would be a very inspiring race for the kids as well.  There was a fabulous group of volunteers along the route cheering everyone on and a lot of video and camera people at this event.  After the walk, we were awarded these lovely little bracelets, rather than medals and then we joined the line up for a free pancake breakfast.  While we waited for fresh pancakes off the grill, we took turns checking out the other booths and scored some yummy Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cakes from Doughgirls Comfort Kitchen & Bakeshop.  Delicious!  There were banana’s galore!  And thank goodness for that.  Deb and I arrived fairly early and the event started a little late and I ended up scarfing down 3 bananas before the start of the 5KM.  There were also taste samples of granola and Murchie’s Tea.  Instead of juice boxes, we got coconut water and everyone received a lovely little goody bag from Shoppers Drug Mart.  There was an area set up for massages, but you had to sign up early for that.  We missed out.  Lesson learned for next time.  There was also an area for stretching/yoga and a little further away was a bouncy castle for all the kids.  McDonalds was there giving out free coffee, if the coconut water wasn’t cutting it.  All in all a very nice way to start off the day.

I hope everyone had a lovely day today as well and I hope everyone has a Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.

Luv, Aunty!


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