Vancouver Chilly Chase

It’s funny, the weather in Vancouver.  The last 10KM race I did was back in November 2014.  The Vancouver Historic Half and 10KM run.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  The sky was blue and clear.  There was a small breeze and it was absolutely freezing!  And then there is today, where the weather started out nice.  Blue sky and some cloud and then ultimately all cloud, but it was a balmy 12 degrees C.  Tank top and shorts weather!  Well, maybe tank top and capris.  Well, maybe what I was wearing for this race (which was exactly the same as what I wore for my last 10KM race) was sufficient.  At least I didn’t need to wear a woolly hat on top this time.

Welcome to 2015.  I have already celebrated the new year in my last post, but this is my first 10KM race of the year, the Vancouver Chilly Chase.  The route was out and back and it was along the False Creek seawall and it was great!  At this very moment, I don’t know what my finishing time is, only because the official results have not been posted yet and I forgot to stop my watch after crossing the finish line.  It didn’t even cross my mind until I was half way through my banana.  Love bananas.  And I’ve learned to love Orange Gatorade.  I can guess that my time will be around 1hr and 22 min.  And I’m okay with that.  My challenge this year is the 1/2 Marathon.  BMO Vancouver in May – to finish, and then the Rock and Roll Vancouver in October – to do better than the one in May.  Yes.  That’s two half marathons.  And in between I’ll have the sporadic 10KM race and guess what?  I’ll even have a 5KM race in March and a Fun Run in August.  That’s right!  An untimed race, where people will be throwing colour bombs at the participants throughout the race.  I really must be nuts to do a Fun Run!  But really, anything that will get me out and about is a good thing.

So back to the Chilly Chase.  It was a good run.  The Half Marathoners started first, then the 15KMs, then the 10KMs and finally the 5KMs.  As these speedy devils raced passed the 10 KM runners, I accepted the fact that they were very fast.  It’s a 5 KM race for them.  On the other hand, I was all about endurance.  I was running 10KM.  I had a certain pace to stick with to get the specific finish time.  But as I reached the turn around point for the 10KM, I was being passed by the 15KM runners.  Now, that was a little disheartening.  Until I saw a guy standing off to the side with his sign:  “You think you’re struggling?  I’m out of coffee!”  Yes, that is a very cheesy sign, but it was enough for me to put a smile on my face and lift my spirits.  Who knew I could be so easily appeased!  Maybe it’s all the endorphins generated from the run?  And then as I continued on my way, I just looked across the water and stopped thinking about the run and chose to admire the view.  A precarious endeavour when you are on an open race course, as in the seawall was not closed to the public.  There was Granville Island.  Colourful concrete thingys!  There was the Cambie Bridge, A gruelling on-ramp, if you have to run it for the Sun Run in April.  Oi!  Cops!  Wait, I’m just racing.  It’s all good.  And Hey, right across the way is the finish line and the former Olympic Village.  Now I just had to get passed Science World and then down the last few hundred meters.  Vancouver is a beautiful place to run.  Next to the Stanley Park Seawall, I love the False Creek Seawall.  Yes I know they are the same seawall, but it’s easier to identify the sections by the certain parts of the water that we follow.  There were a lot of non racers running on this route as well, so if you are interested in running this race, keep that in mind.  Non-racers, bikers, walkers and tourists and dogs on leashes and baby strollers.  Come to think of it, that’s actually a lot of people to dodge.  But really the seawall is wide enough to share with everyone.  And they were very encouraging as well.  So really, a very enjoyable race.  Will I run this race again?  I don’t know.  Since I’ve decided that I’ll be returning to New Zealand early next year, the timing may not work out.  But if New Zealand wasn’t in the cards, I probably would run this race again.  I liked the route and receiving encouragement from complete strangers is actually very nice.



Next race?  Vancouver Hot Chocolate Run.  With a name like that, how can I not?

Luv, Aunty!


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