Super Start to a Super New Year!

Only three days into the New Year and I am already thinking it’s going to be a great year.  Optimism abounds or something extra special was in my Peppermint tea this night.  I’m going with optimism.  Despite the fact that Vancouver is now under a “Winter Storm Warning” where we can expect “Hazardous winter conditions”, I am prepping for my long run tomorrow morning.  Yes, I know, running in the snow is probably not the smartest thing to do, but it’s not like I’ve never done it before.  We’ll see.  It is Vancouver.  The snow may turn into slushy rain the moment it hits the ground.

So why, you may ask, am I feeling like this?  Is it because I started the new year with a 5K Resolution Run that turned out to be little more than 5K, since we went the wrong way and had to turn back to go the right way?  Would it have anything to do with the fact that it was ridiculously cold for January 1, 2015, but not as cold as my coldest run back on Nov 30, 2014, or maybe because it was an untimed run, which I generally don’t sign up for, but I did it just because it was New Year’s day?

It might’ve had something to do with me meeting up with my run clinic leader again, after not seeing him since September.

It could be that I’ve just reconnected with my friend Korri, who I haven’t heard from in a year.  She was one of the greatest influences when I was preparing in 2013 for my New Zealand trip in early 2014.  All those hikes, all those fitness sessions, were so I could climb a volcano and not ‘die’ doing it.

Maybe I’m feeling this way because of the sugar flowing through my system from my nephew’s birthday party today.  Rice Krispies Marshmallow birthday cake with egg free/dairy free icing.  Yummy!  And three colour, three layer jello with optional coconut cream topping!  Sugary decadence!  Happy Birthday to Little Brother N.  I know you love Thomas the Train, but I also know you love Superkid.  I could tell just by the way you tossed him aside, I mean in the air, away from yourself…I’m sure it was to see if the doll could fly.  I mean, why wouldn’t he?  He’s got a cape!

Pattern is from:  Jean Greenhowe’s Little Gift Dolls:  Superkid

Maybe I’m feeling this way because I just saw the final instalment to The Hobbit:  The Battle of the Five Armies, and I’m rewriting the Hobbit again.  Again?  Yes, Again!  Don’t worry, I’ll get that out of my system as quickly as possible.  But in the meantime, I’m seriously thinking about returning to New Zealand again.  Possibly in 2016?

Maybe it’s because it’s a brand new year with endless possibilities and I’ve already ‘pencilled’ into my calendar, new races to run.  I have found a new challenge and like I hinted in a previous post, it involves more running, literally more running, such as running a 1/2 marathon, specifically the BMO Vancouver Marathon, but it will be the 1/2 only for me.

But since I’ve almost decided, say 90% decided, that I’ll be returning to New Zealand, to climb a volcano that I could not climb the last time I was there (not for lack of fitness, but more due to injury), that means more hiking again this year.

Which means the real challenge this year is learning balance.  Balancing my running, my hiking and my life and somewhere I’ll fit in work too.

There will be no resolutions made this year.  Resolutions are made to be broken which is why I haven’t made resolutions in years upon years.  People feel bad when they can’t keep a resolution.  But Challenges?  That changes a person for life because the challenge changes as the person changes and I look forward to this year’s challenge and all future challenges!

I think it’s the sugar.

Luv, Aunty!


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