One Day a River, the Next Day a Lake

It’s amazing how quickly nature can change your world.  Two weeks ago, Vancouver experienced some serious rain.  Rainfall warnings, wind warnings, ferry cancellations, the works.  And with it came a rock slide.  Some newspapers even called it a “Monstrous” rock slide in the North Shore.  I don’t know what a monstrous rock slide looks like but it was significant enough to have created a permanent lake.  And this lake has now submerged the bridge crossing the former Seymour River (now a yet-to-be-named lake).  The Twin Bridges.  If you follow my blog, I wrote about the Twin Bridges, or rather the trails of the Two Canyon Loop back in September 2013.  The first of the Twin Bridges was built back in 1908 to allow easier access to the other side of the Seymour River.  The second Twin Bridge was built in 1926.  Both were eventually dismantled in 1993 and 2009 respectively.  I don’t know when the current bridge was built, but this bridge that Nicole and I crossed last year, in the rain, that is submersed in the new lake, will most likely be dismantled in the new year.  There is fear of more debris piling up at the bridge and causing more water concerns in the area.  I’ve been looking at the few pictures and videos of the bridge and the area around it and it’s quite…Wow!  The amount of water to fill up the canyon to the top of the bridge is…Wow!  And it’s only because I was in a mad rush to finish all my Christmas knitting and the commen sense of my other friend, Tamara that prevented me from heading out there again with camera in hand.  That and the newspaper article said it was dangerous.  If you’re interested in reading the newspaper article, here is the link.


View from the current Twin Bridge

View from the now-submersed Twin Bridge

It’s hard to believe that this view is gone.  That in fact, all these trees are now under water and will eventually die because of rain.  From this photo, I can imagine the rock slide just at the top of the river or just around the bend of the river.  That’s a crazy amount of water to create a lake.

Just a little wet!  But Feeling the Fresh Mountain Air!

The railings are gone, the deck of the bridge is still there.  And very soon, the trees here will be gone.  The Forces of Nature!

It’s a strange feeling to see this photo and know that this bridge is no longer in use.  The blue railings are gone now.  The photo from the newspaper shows the water level right at the bridge level.  Anyone who foolishly crossed that bridge at that time would’ve been sloshing through several inches of water.  I’ve seen a video of what it’s like now, two weeks later and the water level has dropped a little bit, but truly this is a (pointless and dangerous) bridge over a lake now, not a bridge over a river.    And now as I write this, we are experiencing another rainfall warning, with ferry cancellations as well.  I can hear the rain patter against my windows and as much as I love the sound of the rain on the windows, I wonder what nature will do to the world tomorrow.


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