Admiralty Point

When a trail becomes a National Park, how can you not go?  Admiralty Point and the 190 acres surrounding it has been designated a National Park.  Had I not stumbled upon the article in the Vancouver Sun, I probably would’ve put off this trail for quite some time.  Since all the hiking/training I’ve been doing over the last year and half I’ve been looking for progressively more difficult trails to hike but I’m given a reminder every so often that the challenge is not always about the difficulty level but about taking the time to enjoy the challenge that’s been handed to you. classifies this as an easy trail and I have to agree.  There is very minimal elevation in this hike, only at the beginning of the trail and then the last 600 m from Admiralty Point to Burns Point.  And the only reason the last 600 m felt so difficult was probably more because of the rain than anything else.  That and maybe because I haven’t hiked anything since July.  Been a bit busy with the running.  Running doesn’t require carrying hiking back packs.  And hiking boots are heavier than running shoes.  Hmmmm, that’s a few too many excuses for my huffing and puffing.  Oh well.  At least I had good company.  Nicole joined me for this outing.  It is very nice to have company on a hike.  I think I mentioned that before.  One thing I never mentioned before was the colours of the season.  Most of my hikes have been in the summer, whether it be here in the Lower Mainland or in New Zealand, and the colours are beautiful greens, and blues, gorgeous summer colours  But on this hike, we had deep oranges, reds and burnt yellows and with the rain, mossy greens, fir tree greens and mushroom browns.  Really pretty.  Well worth the time and effort.  I do have to mention a few cautions though.  Dogs.  And not that they are dangerous.  The two that we encountered were on leash.  They’re owners were very pleasant.  It was the previous dog walkers, the ones who bagged their dog pooh and then left the bag on the side of the trail.  Really?  You were only a couple of meters away from a garbage can.  And the other dog owner who didn’t pick up their dog pooh.  Thank goodness for Nicole.  I don’t tend to look down too often, so with my luck I would’ve stepped in it.  It blended in with the muddy trail.  Yuck.  So we could’ve, but we didn’t, but still!  Anyway, I won’t say anything else, except that if you get a chance and you want to visit our newest National Park, take a hike to Admiralty Point.  The view of the water is quite lovely and when you return to the start, head the opposite direction towards Jug Island Beach.  It will make for a most enjoyable day.  Rain or Shine.


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