A Successful Fail!

Hello Everyone,

It’s been quite some time since I actually wrote something.  So sorry about my neglect but I’ve been a tad bit busy these past few months. In my efforts to beat a running challenge that my friend set me up on, 10 km in 55 min, the majority of my year has been focussed on running.  Thanks Barry.  There were numerous races that I’ve already written about and several more since the Canada Day race that I haven’t written about:  the Vancouver Night Race, the Granville Island Turkey Trot and most recently (this morning) the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Oasis Vancouver Half Marathon and Cunningham Seawall 10 KM race.  There was a running clinic with the Burnaby Running Room that was successful, yet not – not enough people for a proper running clinic, but a wonderful clinic leader that still gave great advice and ran with me on our scheduled days, even when it was just the two of us.  Thanks Scott for all your help and advice.  There was running in the rain, see previous post; running in cold weather, 6 degrees C for the Cunningham Seawall 10 Km; and running in heat and humidity, think back to the fantastic summer weather that we had!  I just need a little snow and ice and I can call an end to my running season, speaking of which, I have one last race coming up in November, the Vancouver Historic Half.  I’ll be doing the 10 KM race, not the half marathon.  I had considered trying the half marathon, but as one of my other friends pointed out, the challenge is actually till the end of the year, not till the Cunningham Seawall 10 KM race.  Thanks Nicole, I think?  I was all set to admit to a successful fail.  But as I was thinking about how to write this latest post, and I reviewed all my training logs, I realized that it is not a failure.  Yes, I did not meet the challenge, and realistically, I don’t think I can bring my race time down to 55 min for 10 Km, at least not in the very near future, 30 plus days till the Vancouver Historic Half.  I’ve been averaging 1hr and 13 min for all my 10 KM races.  I was ready to call it a season and admit defeat.

But is it defeat?  I’ve been running.  Consistently.  And a lot.  As in 23 KM a week, a lot.  That’s like 83 KM + per month for the last three months.  That is a lot of commitment.  That’s a lot of running.  That is a successful fail.  And the thing is, even after the year is over, the running will continue.  I’m already signed up for a race in January of 2015.  And I’m in the January half marathon clinic with the Burnaby Running Room as well.  A successful fail.  I’ve never been more proud!  Except when I hiked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in under 7hrs!  Nothing will ever beat that.  Sorry!  Got distracted.  Running!  This has been the best failed challenge ever!  And yes, I know there is still one more race to go.  Just let me prepare for the worst and then be pleasantly surprised when I finish the race, with a fantastic time!

I’ll try to get in a blurb in the near future about the three races mentioned at the start of the post.  I do have a few things to say about it.  But right now I need a nap.  10 Km races really take a toll in an Aunty!


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