Slacker or Relaxer

I once read an article about how some guy ran two marathons back to back i.e. Saturday and then Sunday.  That’s 84.4 KM in 48hrs.  I ran two 10 KM races in two weeks and with all the training I was doing I was irritable, antsy, tired and achy to the point where I woke up in the middle of the night because I was so tired and achy.  Who knew that aches could actually wake a person up in the middle of the night?  I don’t know why anyone would think it’s a good idea to do two marathons on a weekend.  I will never do two races in a span of two weeks ever again.  Well most likely never or at least not in the foreseeable future or at least not in the remaining year.  If the Longest Day Run and the Run for H2O is always going to be a week apart, I may have to give one up.  But that’ll be an issue for next year.

So this week, I was forced to relax.  But I felt more like a slacker.  The day after Run for H2O, I went and got my hair done.  I haven’t had this indulgence since just before Sister P’s wedding last year.  I spent four hours at the salon.  Not by choice, not exactly.  My hair stylist is a perfectionist and he’s never on time.  But I was prepared.  I had a book with me.  It’s been ages since I sat down and just enjoyed a book.  And knowing how Simon works, it was a the best time to start and almost finish a book.  I forgot how nice it was to immerse oneself into a semi-plausible sci-fi world – Jonathan Maberry’s The Dragon Factory.  I liked his other book, Patient Zero, better.  And knowing how Simon works, I was also smart enough to get something to eat before stepping into the salon.

This was the start of my slacker relaxing week.  So on Monday, I arrived at work with curlier hair and Simon’s version of a “subtle shade of red”.  I didn’t plan on slacking this week.  I did make it out to Monday spinning with Sister C and Nicole.  And I did intend on going to Kickboxing on Tuesday.  But my friend Tamara convinced me to go see my favourite singer that happened to be playing Tuesday night at the Vogue Theatre.  Royal Wood was opening for Jill Barber.  I love Royal Wood.  I have three of his albums from iTunes and I’ve been listening to him since before my trip to New Zealand.  Forced relaxation.  Tuesday was not a good day at work.  It was either take out the stress during kickboxing class or go to see my favourite singer.  Since I could not give Tamara a convincing reason why I should not go see him sing, other than I would have to miss out on kickboxing, I went.  And I am so glad I went.  Royal Wood is a fabulous singer.  And it doesn’t hurt that he is really good looking and he’s Canadian!  Hurray Canada!  I actually listened to him quite a lot while in New Zealand and sang along to his stuff while driving from one place to another while on vacation.  So I can definitely say that he is an absolute favourite of mine.  So why was I reluctant to go see him live?  Forced relaxation.  I don’t know how to relax anymore.  Somewhere along the way I forgot how to enjoy myself.  Maybe it’s because for the last six weeks I’ve been working in the office on my own and the only people I got to speak to were the irritating clients that called on the phone.  I had my wonderful friends every morning to get me for coffee but a good portion of those six weeks always ended with me wanting to cut the phone cord.  Maybe it’s the running challenge with my friend Barry?  Somehow the challenge has expanded, which I won’t get into here.  And the day before the H2O run ended with me wondering what I was getting out of this challenge.  I don’t know and I certainly don’t want to make any lame excuses for my feelings and behaviour.  I just know that the week before the H2O Run would’ve been bad for anyone who crossed my path.  Sorry!  So, Forced Relaxation.  Seeing Royal Wood perform, and Yes that’s his real name, was the best thing that happened this week.    It made for a long day and a late night but it was so worth it.  I even got a signed copy of his newest CD, though I have to admit, I already had an iTunes copy of his album, The Burning Bright so I really didn’t need a hardcopy CD.  But how often does a person get up close and personal with their favourite singer?  Afterwards, I considered heading home, but I decided to stay to the end.  I like Jill Barber.  I already had a few of her songs downloaded from iTunes so it’s not like I didn’t know her.  She’s Canadian as well!  Hurray Canada!  And is also based in Vancouver.  Hurray Vancouver!  But her style is more Jazz and I’ve never really considered myself a Jazz fan.  But I guess there are various styles of Jazz and I have to say I really enjoyed her performance.  I still can’t say that I’m a Jazz fan, but I think I can say now that I am a fan of Jill Barber.  In fact I have one of her new songs playing on the background as I write this post.  “To the Last” from her newest album Fool’s Gold.  She performed this song that night and I was quite taken with it.  So Thanks Tamara for forcing me to go see my favourite singer, Royal Wood, and helping me add a new favourite, Jill Barber!

A small intimate setting.  Perfect for a performance by Royal Wood and Jill Barber!

A small intimate setting. Perfect for a performance by Royal Wood and Jill Barber!

Wednesday was an unintentional slacker day as well.  I made it into work that morning but I was ridiculously tired because I got home late after the show and I couldn’t fall asleep immediately.  I think I only had 4 hrs of sleep.  Still worth it to see Royal Wood, but that just made for a write-off of a day on Wednesday.  I managed to make it out to the track afterwork, but I didn’t run.  Instead I had my Nikon in hand and I shot photos of the co-ed kickboxing class.  Luckily for me the weather was nice so I could shoot outside.  Most of the students know to put up with me pointing the camera in their direction and it helps that Faraaz has shouted at them that they would get their photos put on Facebook.  But there was one student who was very reluctant to get her photo taken.  I understand.  I saw the photos of me from the Run for H2O and there is one of me crossing the finish line and all I can say is “OMG!  I hope no one ever gets a hold of the photo.”  Bravo to the Professional Photographer though.  His photos of the run were really good, and after seeing that photo of me as I crossed the finish line, it has reminded me about another rule for me when doing these races:  Remember to smile as you cross the line!  Even if the only thing your thinking about is sucking in air to keep from passing out or puking!  So, I understand when people don’t want me to take their photo.  But when Faraaz shouts at me to shoot your photo, I will shoot your photo.  But I will not put it up on Facebook.  I will leave that to Faraaz.  I can also promise you this, I will never tag the photos but that’s more because I don’t know your names and even if I did know your name, I still would not tag the photos.  I will always leave it up to you to re-post, and tag at your leisure.  So as the evening came to an end, Faraaz spoke of a surprise.  And what a pleasant surprise!  The ice-cream man and his musical truck came rolling into the parking lot.  This was definitely a pleasant way to end the class, even for me since I was told I could not refuse to enjoy this surprise as well.  When Faraaz says you’re getting ice-cream, you get ice-cream.  Thanks Faraaz!  And photos should be up on the other blog soon depending on how the remainder of the weekend goes!

A Sweet Surprise!

A Sweet Surprise!

Thursday was probably the most slackest relaxed day out of the whole week.  I took the day off from work.  Big Sister Z was graduating!  From Pre-school!  So, as one of Auntie’s four favourite nieces and nephews, I had to be there, with camera in hand, along with all the other children’s mums, dads, and grandparents.  It was the cutest little ceremony ever.  The children were dressed up in their cap and robes and they sang us these wonderful songs before being presented with their Pre-school diplomas and little presents!  Then it was off to lunch and shopping with the kids and then my night ended with a retirement dinner for one of our managers.  But it wasn’t just any old dinner.  This was an East Indian Buffet dinner.  Fish Pakoras, Chicken Tikki, Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Naan, Roti, Chai Tea, Mango Ice-cream and Ras Malai.  All of my favourites!  I haven’t eaten real Indian food in over a year!

Finally I reached Friday!  Anymore relaxing and I wouldn’t know how to get back into the swing of things.  Work was chill.  No appointments.  No phone calls.  I was no longer alone in the office and I now have someone I can talk to throughout the day, should I ever feel the need to talk to a person, rather than to myself and as much as I enjoyed having an office to myself for a full six weeks, where I could play my music a little louder than usual, where I could actually sing along to the songs out loud, I missed having company in the office and after I’ve had force relaxation all week, I could see that being able to run the office on my own, though I know that I am capable of doing it, is not so enjoyable.  So I ended the week well.  A thirty minute run just before my kickboxing class!  Yay Muay Thai!

I now have to decide if I want to do the Grouse Grind tomorrow morning.  There is a 60% chance of rain in the morning.  Or I could skip it and do a run in the evening when the sun is out.  I have a race this Tuesday, and as much as I enjoyed the week of force relaxation, I haven’t really done any kind of training this week for the Canada Day Race.  I’ve got to remember to spread out my races better.  Or I could just look at these races in a different light as in which ones do I want to have meaning (time wise) and which ones can be looked upon as part of my training.  Oiy!  I think I just felt a slap on the back of my head and I heard Faraaz!  I think too much!  Time to relax and listen to Royal Wood while I finish reading my book.


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