Run for Fun?!? Who Knew it Could be Possible?


Lovely Evening for a Run!

So today is National Running Day, in the USA only.  Huh?  Why not in Canada?  That’s weird!  But then again, do we really need a “Day” for running?  I didn’t really give it much thought until I remembered that just last week in Vancouver was Bike to Work week.  And starting off that week was Canada’s very first annual Bike Day.  Hmmm.  So why don’t we have a Running Day?  Running is very healthy for you.  If you can’t run, you can at least walk.  And now with this wonderful weather, it would be great to have a Running Day.  And you can run rain or shine and you can run just about anywhere.  If we had a Running Day, with events like a race, it could be used to promote health as well as safety such as sharing the road with cars!  I don’t know.  I’ve jumped on the “running” bandwagon rather late in life so perhaps there are already events that promote the health benefits of running and safety aspect of running on the road with cars.  Since the challenge with Barry, I’ve been looking at any available races and booking things that I think are do-able without over doing it.  I’ve been reading magazines, and books and chatted up people at the Running Room and even been tempted to join in their Wednesday and Sunday runs, but I like running by myself.  At most I’ll run with my sister or with one other friend, but I like the solo journey.  Weird, I know. I’ve been obsessing over my calendar, trying to figure out when I can go running without giving up my other favourites.  Spinning will never go away.  And throughout my readings I’ve discovered that cycling (spinning) can be incorporated into my running program as a cross training day.  Yay!  Kickboxing will never go away.  I don’t know if it can be considered part of my running program.  I’m sure if I do more reading and research, I’ll find an article that says it can be considered part of my running program.  Even if I don’t find anything, it’s not going away.  I love kickboxing.  At most I’ll just add a run before the class, which I already do before my Friday class anyways.  As per my previous post, my summer hiking season has started.  I’m going to also consider it as part of my running program.  I’m sure there is an article out there somewhere that will agree with me.  I have found a hill for me to practice my hill running.  I call it the “Kerr Street” hill.  The goal tomorrow is to run it once.  I keep my goals realistic.  Seriously, you haven’t seen this hill.  That will be tomorrow’s run.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  And today, on National Running Day, but not in Canada, I ran the track and finished with sprints.  Not exactly a formal training program, I know.  But at least I’m out there running.  And enjoying the sunshine.  And it’s got to be working, since my run times seem to be getting better with each run event.  Actually with all the stuff I do, I need more than just one National Running Day.  It should be National Running Day at least twice a week, every week.  Maybe that’s why Canada doesn’t have a National Running Day.  Once you take up this sport (is it a sport?)…Once you take up running, all you want to do everyday is run.  Shame there’s only seven days in a week.

Happy National Running Day!


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