The Hills are Alive!

With the sound of huffing and puffing!  I ran the Oasis Shaughnessy 8KM Road Race for the very first time today.  And it was great!  The Hill was a challenge!  But I knew it would be when my sister and I trained along a portion of the course over the last few weeks..  The race website was kind enough to post a small picture of the route so we had it with us to follow along.  It’s a shame we got confused and went the wrong way.  Wrong enough for me to miss out on a second not-really-a-hill but still a portion of the race that goes up!  So it was definitely a surprise when I followed all the others and turned right, when all those practice runs had me turning left.  Ai Yah!  Oh well.  I still managed to finish the race in 55:09!  I was so surprised to see the clock as I neared the finish line.  Mainly because when I was training for the Vancouver Sun Run on the Iona Beach Jetty, it always took me just over an hour to finish the 8 km jetty run!  Keep in mind the Iona Beach Jetty is perfectly flat.  There is no hill on the jetty whereas the Shaughnessy route, including the two loops had us doing three hills, with the first hill being the biggest challenge.  So when I saw that it was at 54:45, I had to dig in and try to finish under 55 minutes.  Not this time.  But no worries.  I am still very happy with my time.  At 55:09, it puts my pace at 6:54 min/km.  That’s a nice drop from my Sun Run pace which was 7:14 min/km.  Watch out Barry!  I’m getting closer to winning the challenge!  And I ran this in the rain!  Challenge is still ON!

The after-race party was nicely decked out with free bananas and oranges, hard-boiled eggs, bagels, yogurt, Oasis juice boxes, protein drinks and spot and draw prizes.  This race was definitely smaller than the Sun Run and the AMI Round the Bays, but just as enjoyable, probably even more so because it was smaller.  I can’t wait till next year.

My next race?  Probably the BlueShore Financial Longest Day Road Race down by UBC.  Not sure yet, since it conflicts with my kickboxing class.  If I don’t do that race, then I’m looking at the Run for H2O Race.  I was originally thinking of registering for the Scotiabank Half Marathon or the 5KM race, but I haven’t even tried to train for a half marathon so realistically, that’s not good to start with.  And for a 5 KM?  The registration fee for the Run for H2O is cheaper and the run is longer, 10KM.  And it’s along the Fraser River waterfront.  I’ve never run along that section before.  And the other perk?  There is a 50 m Toddler Dash and toddlers register for free.  Guess who I’m trying to get registered?  Sister-Brother Duo Zs.  But even if they don’t register, I am leaning towards this particular run rather than the Scotiabank run because it’s also much closer to home!

I managed to outrun the Ringwraiths this time!

I managed to outrun the Ringwraiths this time!


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