Lessons Learned from Green Eggs and Ham!

Oh my little precocious ones!  I have been subjected to another lesson from my almost-five-year old niece and her little brother.  “How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?” was the basic lesson.  I can’t remember the exact words she used but it was almost an exact quote right from Dr. Seuss’s book.  I was talking to Sister C about when we were little and we used to travel from our little home town out to the big city of Vancouver, we stayed at this motel and our parents gave us little wrapped pieces of cheese to eat.  I was probably just a little older than Big Sister Z when I remember eating this cheese and hating it to the point of wanting to scrub my tongue with anything to get the taste gone.  I vaguely remember it was one of those little balls of cheese wrapped up in the red wax and yet I also thought it was the foil wrapped cheeses with a picture of a cow on it.  Hence for the next 30 plus years I refused to eat or spend hard earned money on those horrid little packages of cheese.  Until today.  I was over at Sister C’s to spend some extra time with the kids and I was looking for a little something to add to my chicken wrap.  When I saw the foil wrapped cheese I made the comment that I didn’t like it but that I had never really tried it.  And that’s when Big Sister Z asked a very logical question.  And of course being a good Aunty, I had to acknowledge that she was right and I would have to try it.  Silly Aunty.  That also set off a series of “I’m still hungry!  I want to share with Aunty!” because it may not be appealing to Aunty, but it was a favourite of the Sister-Brother duo!  I know they’re not devious enough to actually set me up to have to share cheese but it sure was convenient timing.

So I tried it.  And I have to admit it was good.  But that just eliminates it from what I remember.  I swear there was another foil wrapped cheese that I was subjected to when I was little.  Perhaps it doesn’t exist anymore?  I know that red wax cheese thing still exists.  But I’m sure there was another foil wrapped cheese out there.  I’m in no hurry to look for it, let alone try it again after all these years.  If later down the road I have to set another example for the kids, I’ll do so begrudgingly, but I’ll wait till they catch me on it first.


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