So the other day I got a scolding from my not-yet-five year old niece, Big Sister Z.  Apparently I was late coming home to see them.  As soon as I walked through the door, instead of a hug and a kiss, I got “Aunty!  Why are you late?”  Oh dear.  What do you tell a child, who cannot tell time, that I’m not late and that I’m actually on time?  How quickly they learn to be impatient!  How quickly they grow up.  In addition to a scolding, I also got interior decorating tips from this little one.  Whenever the kids are over at the house and there is a tantrum, Sister C takes Big Sister Z up to my room for some quiet time.  No problem.  Well, I guess this latest time, the Little Miss noticed that I had changed the bedding and for the most part it met her approval, except for the brown faux sheepskin blanket.  With a shake of her head, she said that she did not like it, that it was boring (really?) and that I should not have it on my bed anymore.  Never mind that it’s soft and warm.  The brown blanket was covering up the pretty pink flowers of the duvet cover and she likes flowers and she loves pink.  It’s her favourite colour.  The matching pillowcase received her nod of approval as well, as did the hand-made crochet blanket, because there was pink and red, her other favourite colour.  Actually all the pillows were approved because there were flowers or pink or polka dots.  But the brown?  No good, since it covered up her favourite colours.  I guess sometimes fashion outweighs function.  Oh dear!


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