A New Work in Progress!

I’ve been working on something new and slacking off at the same time.  I’ve been training for my next race but the weather has reminded me about how much of a ‘fair-weather’ person I actually am.  Getting out to a run has been tough but not impossible during rainy days.  If I’m already out for an exercise class and near a track, I’m there, ready to run.  But on days where I have nothing scheduled, except the run…well…it requires a lot of willpower.  And now I’ve also started up a new blog.  It’s only a few days old.  And I thought it would be easy, something where I wouldn’t have to write anything, a photo blog.  But it’s a lot harder than I thought.  Because now I have to decide which photos to include in the posts and I also have some post-processing to do as well before posting the photos.  I’ll give it a go for a few months and see how long it lasts.  The goals right now are the races.  And I can’t wait to get started on the hikes again.  I hope this next stretch of sunshiny weather lasts longer than just the next five days.  If you’re interested, I have my new blog linked in the menu above.  If you’re not, that’s alright too.


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