How Civilized!

20140505-211712.jpgThe other day after my run (last minute change instead of going on a hike), I decided to go out to my favourite tea shop for some lunch. The Secret Garden Tea Company. I had already spent an hour in the drizzle, and thank goodness it was drizzle because running in the rain that appeared later in the day would’ve just sucked and I was now seeking a little civilized comfort! I can’t remember how I discovered this place. It may have been with one of my sisters. But I do know that this was where I was first introduced to Afternoon Tea. Their selection of tea is quite amazing. I always love Earl Grey and that day I had their French Earl Grey. Yum. Their food choices are also very good. I love their Chicken Pot Pie. The crust is flaky and super delicious, perfect comfort food, but on this day, after all the hard work of running up a hill, I was not gonna wreck it with a pie. I decided to have their “Taste of the Garden” which is half a sandwich from the menu, a cup of soup and a garden salad with dressing on the side. I had their egg salad sandwich on a croissant, and their tomato soup. You can’t go wrong with tomato soup, that and I didn’t like the other choice of soup. Their quiche of the day did sound delicious, but I wanted something green and leafy. Afterwards, I had to pick something from their dessert tray. Chocolate Eclair. Normally I would say it was good, and it was, but I think my palette has changed and the taste of the cream filled centre was no longer something I enjoyed, much to my dismay. Ever since I went dairy free, it’s been hard to go back. Not that I really want to go back to dairy but to not enjoy cream in an eclair? I probably should’ve picked the lemon tart. Did I wreck my run by having a chocolate eclair? Maybe. But on this rainy, dreary day, it was worth it!


2 thoughts on “How Civilized!

    • An eclair is a french word. Not sure about the direct translation but basically it’s a puff pastry usually filled with cream and is covered in chocolate, like a chocolate covered cream puff. Not like a doughnut at all. A doughnut is deep fried, whereas the puff pastry is baked, then cooled and then filled with the cream and then covered with chocolate. Yummy!


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