Running for the Sun!

It was cold and windy but not wet and then it was wet and then it was back to cold and windy.  It was cloudy, then sunny and then back to cloudy.  It was the Vancouver Sun Run.  And it was typical Sun Run weather.  Thankfully it did not rain during the run.  The weather cooperated and stayed dry during my run and the sun even came out after the run was over.  Hurray for the walkers!  Gosh there were a lot of people!  According to the news reports there were over 43,000 people running.  I thought there would be more.  I don’t know why, but I just did.  But then I shouldn’t complain because 43,000 is still a lot of people.  It’s been ages since I did the Sun Run.  Yes I did run in the AMI Round the Bays in Wellington back in February so it’s not like I haven’t done a 10 km run before, but that was 14,000 people.  This time around there were 3 times that number.  But still it was an enjoyable run and I have to say that even the little training that I put in since returning to Vancouver has made a great difference in my run.  And I don’t mean my time.  Yes I did do better than my Wellington run.  My time dropped from 1hr and 16 min to 1hr and 12 min.  Yay!  That may not seem like much to most people, but I am still proud of the time.  My pace decreased from 7:37 to 7:14 min/km.  Yay!  I like that too.  But what I really noticed was that I was able to run for longer stretches without having to stop, which I think means I’m able to pace myself better!  Hurray!

Some of you may remember from a previous post a challenge that I had accepted.  That’s right Barry, I mean you!  The Challenge is still on.  The running season has only just started and there are many more 10 km races out there and that’s just local races, I haven’t even started to look at out of town races yet.  But I did look up my old race results and I know I really can’t compare them to my results from today and I’m not actually going to state what my results were from 2006, but wow.  What a difference.  But then again, my life was different back then and not in a good way, so Wow.  Things sure have changed and improved and I couldn’t be happier.

The next race is in May!  It’s an 8 km race but still, it’s a race.  And it can only help me improve my time, not make it worse.  Barry!  Challenge is still on!








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