Two Years Old Today!

My blog is two years old as of today.  In this last year, my most epic favourite would have to be my trip to New Zealand and all the wonders that I have been exposed to, not just in this wonderful little country but to the adventures that I experienced while preparing to go to Middle-Earth.  I have taken up hiking, discovered a love for kayaking, made new friends in my Muay Thai Kickboxing class, travelled to a part of my home country that I never thought I’d go to (New Brunswick, and climbed my first mountain all on my own while there).  All of this, I’ve done so I could climb Mt. Ngauruhoe aka Mt. Doom, which when I actually got there, I didn’t do it.  However I did do other things while in New Zealand, such as climb other volcanoes like Mt. Ruapehu aka Mordor, hiked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing and ran in a 10K race in Wellington.

I have reawakened my travel bug.  I know I will return to New Zealand very soon.  It’s a small country but there is so much to see and do and even though I was there for two whole months, there is still so much more and much that I want to revisit.  I want to hike around Ireland and Scotland and since I’m in the vicinity, perhaps return to London.  These are long term goals.  In the meantime, I’ll have to continue to discover my own country and perhaps make a visit to the one province that I have yet to step foot in, Saskatchewan, and the territories.

I have discovered a new hobby that I think I’m quite decent at.  Photography.  I love my camera and I love to use it.  I still love my other hobby, knitting.  Since returning from New Zealand, I have started up a new project, even though I have an unfinished project that I would say is now two years old.  Luckily for this unfinished project, it is a scarf so it can never be out of fashion.

I have awakened an exercise habit as well.  I love hiking.  I love my kickboxing class and my spinning class and funny enough I have come to realize I like running.  Or it could be that I like a challenge.  One of my concerns since returning from New Zealand was if I’d have the same motivation to maintain the new lifestyle changes.  Basically, was I going to slowly turn back into a sloth without a goal?  Luckily for me I have friends who are silly enough to lay down a challenge for me.  Can I run 10K in 55 minutes?  If yes, then my friend must come out of retirement and try to save face.  If not, well, my only goal really was just to do better than my Wellington time of one hour and 16 minutes. As long as I do better than that I’d be really very happy with myself.  But if I can get it as low as 55 minutes, that’d be a challenge I would like to try and aim for.  Challenge Date?  April 27, 2014.  Location?  Vancouver Sun Run.  Challenge Accepted, My Friend!  Challenge Accepted!  I’ll let you know how I do.  Because depending on how I do there, I might sign up for a half marathon for June 22, 2014.  Crazy?  It’s a challenge.

My ultimate favourites are always a challenge.  My nieces and nephews are the best and most important favourites in my life and I look forward to the day when I can share some of my other favourites with them.  I would like to see them do their first Sun Run or when they climb the Grouse Grind.  Or maybe something a little less epic such as a little hike somewhere in the Lower Mainland.  Small steps of course, seeing as the oldest one is only 4 years old.  However the oldest one is already asking me to teach her how to knit.  Now there’s a challenge!

I look forward to this next year for new favourites, new hobbies, new challenges and new adventures and as long as I am able, I will continue to share my favourites with anyone who is interested in reading about them.  Luv, Aunty!


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