Lakes in the Sky!

We have left Queenstown for Te Anau.  But along the way we stopped off at the site where the funeral pyre was lit as well as where Shadowfax came galloping to Gandalf’s whistle call.  And then we headed off to the Mavora Lakes for some more movie scenes from the Fellowship of the Rings.  It started off dreary.  It was rainy but it just set the mood.  We saw the tree where Frodo hid from the Orcs as well as the hollow where Merry and Pippin were hiding.  We were at the lake where Frodo left the fellowship and and saw part of the Anduin River just after the Fellowship left Lothlorien.  All beautiful places whether was in the movie or not.

We then made our way to Te Anau.  Three of us took a helicopter tour with Southern Lakes Helicopters.   Sam, our pilot, took us to the ‘Dead Marshes’ as well as to parts of the ‘River Anduin’ before taking us through the Hurricane Passage to land in ‘Rivendell’.  It was an amazing experience.  It was my first time in a helicopter and I will say that it will be my last time in a helicopter.  Perhaps it was just too windy but I don’t remember ever being so nauseous in my entire life.  I wasn’t scared, except for maybe vomiting in the helicopter.  It had nothing to do with Sam’s flying skills.  I guess I don’t have the constitution for flying in a chopper.  However I don’t regret doing it, because I flew up to Rivendell.  And though I didn’t see the waterfalls there like in the movie, I did see beautiful lakes high up on the mountains and I don’t think a lot of people get to do something like that.  I highly recommend anyone to take a helicopter ride, especially to see LOTR sites.  And like I said about the Mavora lakes, it was beautiful, even breathtaking, whether they were in the movie or not.

And an update:  More photos have been put up from my previous post.

Honestly, I wish you were all here! Luv, Aunty


3 thoughts on “Lakes in the Sky!

  1. *Gasp* – every part of that is absolutely stunning. I was thinking of a holiday to New Zealand in a couple of years, purely because it’s Middle Earth and I want it to be real 🙂 I can say I will definitely be going now, what a beautiful country. Thank you for sharing your photographs.


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