Vacation Update!

Okay.  I have 6 days left before I leave the Northern Hemisphere and head to the Southern Hemisphere.  My map is complete.  I have repacked my bags four times now.  I have decided to bring a suitcase rather an a large backpack.  My hiking backpack is still coming with me.  I have eliminated a pair of shoes and a bag of trail mix.  I know.  You’re wondering why I wanted to bring trail mix and now as I write this, I don’t have a reasonable explanation other than it was my favourite trail mix when I was hiking all through the summer.  I will have to find a new favourite in New Zealand.  I managed to get all the clothes that I wanted/needed to come with me into the suitcase and I still have room for more.  Everything that needs booking is booked.  Everything that requires payment is paid.  Knitting projects were completed on time.  Mini Aunties – well, I will not be knitting anymore Mini Aunties.  I have picked the Mini Aunty that will be coming with me and posing in my pictures.  See my new friend?  I found him in the Lego store.  I couldn’t resist.


During my procrastination weekend, a few weeks back, I did research on yarn and wool shops in New Zealand.  And Oh My Goodness!  I have found the yarn shop where the Lord of the Rings cloaks were made!  And you won’t believe it, or maybe you will, the yarn is call Mithril.  So I won’t be coming back with a LOTR cloak but I might be coming back with some Mithril yarn.  And then of course I needed to find a pattern to knit, if I was going to purchase yarn and would you believe I found some lovely LOTR inspired patterns on-line?  Of course I did.  It was a procrastination weekend after all.  Good thing in my fourth repack, I was able to squeeze in a second smaller bag that will hold all my new purchases.  However, I digress.  I’m trying to give you an update.  My hiking backpack/carry-on has been packed twice now.  There will be no third repack of my hiking backpack.

I think I have done enough research about the places I’m going to.  Maybe.  I have two novels coming with me, for my down time there.  I haven’t taken the time to sit and read a book in a long time.  Relaxing is going to be such  a foreign concept.  Lonely planet is coming with me, plus two hiking books.  Since my third repack, I have been sort of coasting.  I think I’m done.  I don’t really have anything else to do, at least not big things.  There are minor things such as make photocopies of ID, get extra batteries, little things, but really, I’m done.  I’ve actually been just enjoying my ‘off’ time and yet I feel strange not to be planning or organizing something.  It got to the point where I was searching for Muay Thai kickboxing classes in New Zealand that I could possibly attend while there.  I managed to find one class that will take place three hours before the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular.  And I even gave it some serious thought too.  Google Maps was able to tell me where the gym was located in relation to my hostel and to the Doctor Who event location.  Half an hour to walk to the gym.  One hour in class.  Half an hour walk back to the hostel.  Forty-five minutes to shower and eat.  Ten minutes to get to the event location.  That craziness lasted for about a night and then I decided that I don’t need to worry about my kickboxing.  I would still be training for the 10 k run while in New Zealand and I could still work on conditioning myself.  Things like the plank, sit ups, using rocks as weights, all of this to be done in the evenings after my hikes.  Craziness?  Maybe.  But even now, as I write this, I am thinking about what a waste of an evening tomorrow will be because I have no training session.  I told you I don’t know how to relax.  I’ve even gone so far as to see what kind of exercise classes I will be returning to when my trip is over.  My trip hasn’t even started yet.  Well, yes and no.  The whole planning stage has been part of my trip.  My trip started the day I purchased my Lonely Planet book.

I have to say that I haven’t felt like this in ages, or ever.  I’m so excited, I have insane butterflies in my stomach.  And I can’t seem to stop smiling.  I cannot wait to get there.  But I also know I will miss the kids.  Big Sister Z will be upset.  Her little downturned mouth when she talks about it is very sad to see.  She doesn’t even want to Skype with me when I’m gone.  I’m alright with that, though a little sad, but I’m okay with it.  I wonder what I will find for the kids while I’m there.  Okay that’s all for now.


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