Perfect Timing!


Hello My New Friends.  You have arrived just in time, with only 10 more days till Christmas.  Cheepy Chicken and Nutty Squirrel.  I’ve knit you once and I don’t think I’ll knit you again.  So you shall be unique to this world, or at least in Big Sister B and Little N’s world you will be unique.  Mr. Squirrel, your tail was a challenge.  I’m not a big fan of how it turned out.  It looks more like a pompom attached to your bum rather than a tail, but I’m sure the kids won’t mind.  But the perfectionist in me says it could’ve been better (hence you only get a peak at the tail and not a full blown picture).  And much to my dismay, even though there are such things as grey squirrels, you turned out a lot darker than I had hoped.  Still, I’m glad I finished you.  Mr. Chicken, other than some buggy eyes, I think you turned out quite nicely.  Welcome to the world.  I know my niece and nephew will enjoy you both!


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