Get Packing!

The goal this weekend was to do a test pack of my backpack for the trip.  I am going to say it was a bit of a fail this weekend.  I had all the intentions.  I had a list.  I had everything all laid out on the floor.  And instead I chose to go out for a run, in -3 degree weather.  Nutty?  Maybe.  Dedication?  Sure.  Procrastination? Little bit.

I have 25 days left and then I’m off and away.  I’ve worked out my itinerary.  I’ve booked what I need to book.  And my final thing to do, in my mind is to pack my bags.  True, I still have one more X-mas present to work on, but really that doesn’t take long to do.  Procrastination again?  Maybe.  You would think that in this super freezing weather, the best thing to do would be to stay home and pack and knit.  But instead I opted for multiple layers, hand warmers (marvellous invention) and cold cheeks (note to self – get balaclava).  Other than the minus number, it was really nice out.  The sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and there were not a lot of people on the sidewalks to slow me down.  Wonder why?  According to the weather channel, as of friday, we had experienced almost 600 days of above-zero temperature.  And then our temperature decided to crash on us and factoring in wind chill, I think there was a night where it hit -17.  I’m glad I didn’t have to run that night.  My sister thinks I should run inside.  But that means the treadmill and that’s not quite the same.  I actually enjoyed my run.  The first 10 minutes was a little uncomfortable.  But once the body started to heat up, the only parts that felt cold were my face.  Of course I could have already been numb from the cold, but no.  I’m pretty sure my body temperature had gone up from all the layers and the running.  And as much as I actually enjoyed running in the cold, I really hope it doesn’t get any colder.  Or worse.  Snow.

I love snow.  Really, I do.  I love watching it come down while I’m snuggled up inside with a blanket and my knitting and mittens on and a cup of warm hot something next to me.  I don’t mind it when I’m playing in the snow with my niece.  Perhaps this year I’ll get to play in it with my nephew as well.  But generally we don’t get snow that sticks around, at least not in December.  I’ll be away during the snowy months, if we get any.  If I’m lucky, I’ll come back to a snow dump in March.  But that hasn’t happened in years.  I can’t wait to get to New Zealand.  My body’s gonna go in shock when it realizes it’s summer over there!

Maybe there will be a snow day sometime this week.  I’ll pack then.


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