Just Distracted!

Holy Cow!  I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow.  I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything since late October.  Just to catch up on on a few things, I’ve had some more medical issues but all is well.  I will have my final follow up appointment next week and hopefully that will be the last of all my medical issues before I’m off and away.  And I like to tell my friends at work that I’m already on vacation mode and really, I’m paying attention to them, but I’m just distracted.  Why?  Because there are only 33 days left!

I can’t believe I will be off and away in 33 days!  I’m so excited.  I haven’t been able to stop smiling since day 44.  I have to say thank goodness to the dishwashing detergent “Dawn” and their “New Zealand Springs” scent, and to moms who buy things on sale and has no brand loyalty.  Ever since that day, I’ve been seeing or discovering New Zealand related things/people every where.  I had an appointment with a nutritionist early November and lo and behold, she was from New Zealand.  My cardio kickboxing instructor, I knew already was from New Zealand.  However the class was cancelled permanently so no more working out with Josh.  Of course I could always put in more effort and take a different class that he has but that’s an awful lot of effort for an exercise class.  I guess you could always say that if I was really gung-ho, I would take his other exercise class.  But it’s a bootcamp.  I am not a big fan of bootcamp.  And I’d be going without my sister which isn’t as much fun.  Yes, I know you might argue and say that I’m going on a two month vacation by myself without my sister, but that’s completely different.  Don’t ask me how it’s different.  It just is.  Since “Dawn” I also discovered Lorde.  Since I haven’t been watching TV or listening to Radio for the longest time ever, I did not realize that she was from New Zealand.  She’s really good.  Definitely reminds me of moody teenagers.

I have finally figured out my itinerary all over New Zealand.  It’s not set in stone, not really.  There are certain places that I have to be on certain days, because of tours booked, and there are things that I want to see and do, but if it doesn’t get done or the weather is not cooperating, then the plans can and will change.  My map has been finalized.  I’ll post a picture up eventually.  I have pre booked the places I will be staying at.  Almost all of it hostels.    There will be bungy-jumping, jet boating, a Bridge to Nowhere, a Bridge to Somewhere, A Forgotten World Highway, and a Canadian Gully and the world’s longest place name and much more.  Somehow I have managed to squeeze in Doctor Who and a 10 k run in Wellington.  I don’t think I’ll get a chance to see the All Blacks.  And I would’ve like to experience a Chinese New Year Festival in the larger cities, however timing wise I think I’ll be in a cottage at Lake Tekapo.  The Tongariro Alpine Crossing and ‘Mt. Doom’ will take place sometime around Valentine’s day weekend.  And I finally know how to pronounce ‘Mt. Doom’, though I can’t spell it very well so it shall remain as ‘Mt. Doom’.  I have a few final things to book:  the Transalpine train ticket as well as the inter island flights.  I will not be able to do the inter islander ferry this time around.  That’ll have to be for another trip in the future.  And trust me, there will be a future trip to New Zealand.  My final decision will be whether I want to spend my final four days in Wellington or break it up and do two days in Wellington and my last two days in Auckland.  If anyone has suggestions, feel free to let me know.  I would appreciate any feedback.

I am still knitting, though not as much as I would like.  I have one more stuffy to knit for the kids, before Christmas comes around.  I’m so glad to be here for Christmas with the kids.  And Sister W has even agreed to hold Baby N’s first birthday party on his actual birthday however according to her, all future birthday parties will take place on the weekend after his actual birthday.  Thanks Sister W.  Much appreciated.  I wouldn’t want to miss Baby N’s first birthday party.

I still have two more Mini-Aunties to knit and I will still need a decision on which one two bring with me.  I still have to do a test run on my large backpack.  Is there enough room for all my junk?  What will my junk consist of?  Do I really need all those shoes?  Do I still need a sleeping bag or can I just bring a thin blanket?  I already know I can hire a sleeping bag for my kayaking trip (Yay), and most of the hostels will provide linen including blankets, but there is one place by the beach that does not.  It is only one night.  And I can always just layer up.  So much to think about.

I’m still training.  Since spraining my toe, I was basically unable to do any exercise for four weeks.  And even now my toe is still not the same as it was, but at least I can return to my Muay Thai Kickboxing.  But seriously, I was out of shape.  I couldn’t do any spinning classes either.  My cardio was terrible, so when I returned to kickboxing, the first two classes with Faraaz were slightly more than terrible i.e. nearly passed out at the 45 minute mark.  But things are back to normal now.  I really missed my workouts.  But I’m back to my regular workout:  Spinning, Kickboxing, meeting with Korri who has me on a walk/run program to help me get ready for the 10 k run in Wellington, Spinning, and Kickboxing.  Hikes are pretty much done now.  The weather has turned really cold.  The Grouse Grind is now closed.  I could always do snowshoeing, but I’m not a really big fan of working out in the snow, unless I’m hiking and it starts to snow.  I’ll have to replace my hikes with running sessions, outside preferably but that’s all dependent on weather.  Tomorrow may have to be an indoor treadmill run.  Yucky and boring.

Well I’ll call it quits here for now.  I’ll have a post about my last two hikes with Nicole and hopefully I’ll have something to show you with my knitted animals soon.  This Sunday may be a knitting day.

Holy Cow!  33 days left!


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