I never cry at weddings.  I didn’t cry when Sister C got married nor when Sister W was married and it’s not that I wasn’t happy for them, it’s just that that I don’t usually get overly emotional at weddings.  But for some ridiculous reason I almost cried at Sister P’s wedding.  Maybe it was because I was the Maid of Honor.  Maybe it was because I jinxed myself when I said I didn’t bring waterproof mascara or maybe it was all the stress we had to endure from getting the entire family back together again.  Anyways, I almost cried.  And for all that stress, it was a very quick wedding.  In every possible manner.  The announcement was made back in the summer and they tied the knot over Thanksgiving weekend.  The actual ceremony was over before anyone even realized it had started.  Kidding!  But it really was a quick ceremony.  Someone commented that it was a very efficient wedding.  Well, that’s Sister P, always in a rush.  And was she a -Zilla?  She was being Sister P, in every possible way but a little bit more extreme and since I hadn’t seen and experienced her in awhile, Sister P’s ways seemed very…Sister P-like.  And when Sister P and I get together, we can either bring out the worst in us or the best in us.  Let’s just say it was a rocky few days prior to the wedding and even on the morning of, night after and day after.  But there were good moments too:  the late nights playing Super Mario Brothers on her Wii will probably be one of the best highlights, other than the wedding.  It was almost like the old days when we used to play on the original Nintendo system.  We all sat around watching each other play, being backseat drivers to the actual players and moaning and groaning for each others pain and suffering as Mario or Luigi lost lives or gained powers.  Those were good, fun sisterly moments.

But for all the ordeals that we went through, Sister P looked lovely in her dress.  Poh Poh brought over all the wedding jewellery.  Sister C helped lace her into the dress.  Sister W loaned her a veil.  I put the veil on her and we all tried to get her hair to curl into perfect ringlets.

I will not post any Bridal photos, but I vaguely recall in an older post that I would show you my pretty purple dress.  Was the ordeal worth it?  We’re sisters.  That’s all I have to say.

Pretty Purple Ballerina?

Pretty Purple Ballerina?


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