New Friends


Welcome to the world my new friends. I know that Big Sister Z and Little Brother Z will love you very much. Yes, they have already seen them, but they are 2 and 4 years old. Come Christmas time, it will be just as much of a surprise to them as it was today.

You were a pleasure to knit, Little Precious Pig. However by the time I got around to knitting Little Happy Puppy, you were already creating a huge knot in my back that probably requires massage therapy to fix. It was probably a combination of the type of yarn I was using and my sitting position and my stubbornness at trying to get you all finished and put together in a short period of time. Of course I should’ve realized there really was no rush, since I have a sprained foot, I wasn’t really able to do anything else besides sit and knit all day. Still, it was worth it to see the kids reactions when Little Precious Pig and Little Happy Puppy started to ‘talk’ to them at the dinner table.


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