Snap Out of it and Focus!

Yes there has been a lull since my last post. Things have been busy and yet not, for the last little bit. My hikes have dwindled a bit but my workouts have increased. Sister P was recently married and I had the pleasure and pain of being her Maid of Honor (more on that later). I have a few pictures for posting but I just had to put in this quick post tonight before I crash into bed. I have been so focused on my training lately, mainly with the kickboxing that for awhile I sort of set aside the thoughts about why I was doing all of this hard work. Not that I’ve forgotten all about New Zealand but just that I had deadlines set for myself: Purchase the plane tickets in September, book rental car and have a clearer travel plan by end of October, pay in full for my Lord of the Rings tour by December. But I think I started to procrastinate the part about having a clearer travel plan, until just a few days ago.

Now, normally I don’t pay attention to little things like this, but on a night where I made the silly mistake of catching a medicine ball in the face twice in kickboxing class, I guess I was just a little bit more observant of small changes in the house. So while I was doing the dishes that night I took a closer look at the dishwashing detergent and I got a reminder about what I still had to do before the end of October.


I glanced at the bottle, and only thought: That’s different. And then I had to look again. And then again as a big smile appeared on my face. So of course I had to open the bottle to see what New Zealand Springs smells like. And that happy feeling of going away on an adventure returned again, something that got lost in all my preparation of “not dying while climbing Mt. Doom”. That feeling of joy and contentment, just thinking about going away, came back as I sniffed the trapped scent of a New Zealand Spring.

So, time to focus on at least the first part of my trip. How to get from Queenstown to Te Anau? Most likely bus, but which company? Then from Te Anau, join the tour to Doubtful Sound, need to book that, then back to Te Anau. Then back to Queenstown to book the car? Do I want a car or a camper van? I was thinking camper van. But I could sleep in a car too. Focus on this part and I think the rest will flow better.

Oh and if you are wondering what a New Zealand Spring smells like in a bottle – fresh flowers. Can’t wait to get there in the summer and see what it smells like for real!


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