Note To Self: Rain Boots have only ONE Purpose

All shoes or footwear are made for a purpose.  In the ancient past it was to protect your feet when we chose to walk upright over dirt and rocks but in this day and age, the initial purpose is just an afterthought.  We now get shoes for walking, running, hiking, swimming, paddling, dancing, snow shoeing, and also for all types of weather such as sandals in the sun, sandals in the water, all-terrain sandals or going the other extreme, snow boots in the snow, or in this post, I will be referring to my rain boots for the rain.

Splashing in Puddles! Not for Running up Stairs!

Splashing in Puddles!
Not for Running up Stairs!

I love my rain boots.  I bought them back in 2010 during the Olympics.  Specifically on a rainy day and when my runners were insufficient to withstand the flooded streets of downtown Vancouver.  Yes.  Laugh away if you will.  The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver were rainy rather than snowy.  And yes we did have to make snow and bring it in from other places for the skiing, but we still had fun!  So anyways on this day, I was out with my friends Irene and Cyrille and it was raining something yucky and so I thought I’d look around downtown for some rain boots.  And as we wandered down the streets looking in the windows, getting more and more wet, I saw a pair that caught my eye.  My rain boots, in a fantastic peacock feather pattern with ribbons in the back that you can tie tighter or loosen (for the poor ladies that have larger calves, specifically me).  Now I just had to give them a try and make sure they fit my feet!  Oh it was nice.  I walked out the door, boots on, feet dry, to enjoy the rest of the rainy day with my friends.  Since that time, my boots have been a favourite that comes out the moment the rainy season starts in Vancouver.  And my feet have never gotten wet, ever.  Because rain boots are for the rain.

Word of Caution!  Don't run up stairs in rain boots!

Word of Caution! Don’t run up stairs in rain boots!

However I may have been letting my judgement lapse from over the summer perhaps?  Or perhaps being over confident?  Since I’ve started all this exercise stuff, I’ve been running up the stairs at work, whether to catch the Skytrain or not, but just running up the stairs in my all-terrain sandals or sometimes my runners, with no mishaps whatsoever.  But the other day, as I ran up the stairs in my rain boots, I had a rude reminder from my boots.  Rain boots are for rain, not for running, especially if you are running up the stairs.  If you want to run up the stairs, then wear runners, it was telling me, as I kicked a step and came crashing down on the stairs. Because if you run up the stairs in rain boots, I’ll trip you up and make you smack your elbow into the concrete steps, maybe your collarbone too and I’ll throw in a knee.

Remember:  Respect your Rain boots.  And wear them for the purpose that they were made.  Splashing in puddles.


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