Your Booking has been Completed!

I’m flying to New Zealand! in four months!  January 2, 2014 to be precise.  I booked my tickets last night.  OMG!  Now I really have to figure out where I’m gonna go and where I’m gonna stay and how I’m gonna get around.  My map with all my little flags is pretty much complete.  I haven’t had to add anything to it for quite some time now.  My workouts have been going along quite well.  My hiking got sidetracked this last month but I am planning to go on one tomorrow.  I’ve just finished taking all my kayaking lessons and I’m proud to say that I can paddle solo if I so choose.  My body aches, especially my right arm because of the last kayaking lesson but it’s slowly getting better.  I am now a size 10, or an 8 depending on the brand or store.  I’ve knitted two little mini-Aunties and should really start looking into knitting another two, not that I’ll be bringing four mini-Aunties with me.  One will come with me and two will to go to my nieces and one will be pinned to my map at work so my co-workers can follow me vicariously through my blog, or so I’ve been told.  I’ve got to look into getting a sleeping bag and so much more to do.

Holy Crap!  I’m going to New Zealand!



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