Skip This, If You Can!

I don’t have a hiking post for you this week.  I ended up passing on the hike because I wasn’t feeling well.  And as much as I’d like to think that I am now an Ironwoman, I am not.  I can be beaten by the heat! and other health related things as well.  So no hike, but I will definitely have a good one planned for this upcoming weekend.  But I did manage to go out with my friends Nicole and Jyoti to rediscover an old neighbourhood set of stairs in Delta, near Burns Bog.  The last time I was there was back in May when I reconnected with my personal trainer, Korri.  Let’s just say that back in May, those stairs were not my friends.  And perhaps it was also because Korri was pushing me a lot harder, but this time around, I didn’t find it too bad.  Most likely it’s because I’ve already done the Grouse Grind and really, any set of stairs after the Grind is NOTHING!  But it could also be that with the three of us, there were three different exercise levels amongst us.  But that’s okay.  I still got in a good stairs workout and I got to spend some time with with my friends which is always a bonus.

Something else that I didn’t find too bad was the kickboxing class today, specifically the three laps around the track.  Usually I’m ready to up-chuck and hurl by round 2 and 1/2 but I was actually still feeling good at the end of round 3.  And it was even nicer that Faraaz noticed.  Of course then we immediately transitioned to sprints which was still okay.  Hmmm!  Improvement.  I know I have improved since I started all this training and my friends have been kind enough to say so and just looking in the mirror and checking the weight and see the clothes get bigger, or me get smaller as each day and each week passes is a great feeling, but it’s was really nice to hear from someone, who is not really a friend, yet, make a comment that they have noticed a change.  And now with Korri off to Africa for the month and me noticing that I’ve kind of hit a plateau at least with the weight loss, I am thinking of changing up the routine a bit and maybe starting up with Faraaz.  I’ll have to think about it.  I don’t know how I can squeeze him into my calendar unless I give up a spinning class or pick a Saturday or a Sunday.  Tomorrow I will have my first kayaking lesson in Deep Cove.  I’m a little nervous and excited as well.  It will be a long day for me.  I have to work all day and then I’m headed straight to Deep Cove right afterwork, mainly to avoid rush hour and to get a good parking spot.  Now that I know that I actually have class at 530pm rather than 630pm, I won’t be able to squeeze in a hike back to Quarry Rock.  But class is 3 hours long, I think I’ll get plenty of workout from this class, without having to add to it.

Ah kickboxing!  I love this class.  We got to do blocks and kicks today which I absolutely love!  What I didn’t love was the skipping rope.  Last week there was skipping ropes and I was hoping it was just a one-off.  Sadly I was wrong.  But even this time, there was improvement, but skipping rope is not my friend.  I may have to practice skipping at home, but with the heat lately, it just plain sucks to be outside.

On a more somber note, my mom told me about a hiker that had died falling from a mountain on Sunday.  Since I have stopped watching the news and rarely read the newspaper in paper format or electronic format, I only hear about stuff like this from my family and friends.  There’s not a lot of information out there, only that a female hiker, hiking alone on the Chiefs, near Squamish, fell to her death.  This is absolutely terrible and of course has my mom worried, since I do a lot of hikes alone.  And I actually haven’t told her that I have planned to hike the Chiefs, but it is on my list of hikes to do, before heading off to New Zealand.  However in my case, I actually have a friend who wanted to hike the Chiefs with me.  So after hearing this story, I just had to double check with him to make sure that he still wanted hike the Chiefs with me.  Thanks Barry!  I definitely appreciate the company.  Don’t worry Jyoti, I’ll make sure he’s okay.  I have to wonder what happened though.  I remember hiking the Chiefs when I was in elementary school.  Let’s just say that was not the best way to be introduced to hiking at such a young age, but at no point did I ever feel I was in danger, but really, it’s all speculation until the details come out.

Don’t worry my friends and family, I will be careful on my lonely hikes.  I have a fantastic trip planned for New Zealand.  In less than a month, I will be buying tickets for my flight, so I will not be putting myself into harms way!  And really, I’ve just discovered a place called Taylor’s Mistake near Christchurch.  I have to go see why it’s a mistake.  And there’s also the hill in Hawke’s Bay with the worlds longest name.  Apparently there are 105 letters in the name!


That’s right!  That’s the name!  I just figured out how to pronounce Taupo.  I’m not even gonna attempt this one.  I’d need special training and my calendar is now full!


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