What would you do for a doughnut?

The other day, my friends Nicole and Barry joined me for an afternoon hike to Quarry Rock, in Deep Cove.  It was a nice little hike on just a small part of the Baden Powell Trail, that ended with a great view of Indian Arm.  I don’t usually have company on my hikes, but we had been talking about trying to go on hikes together for a few weeks now.  One of our other friends, Marc had also mentioned something about Honey’s Doughnuts in Deep Cove and how fantastic these things were, so really, that was Barry’s motivation for joining us.  A Doughnut!  And what a doughnut it was.  Nicole got to Deep Cove first so Barry was kind enough to “ask” her to get the doughnuts before the shop closed at 5pm.  Barry and I were just a tad bit late starting out.  Nicole got three doughnuts.  Now, when you look at these things, they’re kind of small for a doughnut, but then you hold them in your hand, you feel the weight.  Those were heavy little suckers.  After we arrived, the first thing that had to be done?  Barry scarfed down his doughnut pre-hike, whereas Nicole and I decided to share a doughnut at the top of Quarry Rock.  What a well deserved reward at the top.  And while Nicole was waiting for us to arrive in Deep Cove, she also discovered a place near the doughnut shop that sold Hawaiian style Shaved Ice.  Yum!  That was our incentive to get down Quarry Rock as quickly as possible.

The hike had some nice ups and downs.  There were minimal bugs.  However the bug spray did come out, just as a precaution, but only the one time.  We went over a few bridges and well built steps and some not so good steps and there were a few dry creeks and a few trickle-y creeks as well.  There were quite a few people on this part of the trail and at the top of Quarry Rock, but nothing where you would feel crowded.  After all my previous hikes, this hike was really easy.  I still huffed on the up-hills, but I will alway huff on the up-hills.  I just don’t like up-hills, however, recovery was quicker.  And really, to go on such an easy hike after work, kind of seems pointless, but I had other reasons for going out to Deep Cove.  Next week I am supposed to be starting up my kayaking classes for the next four Wednesdays in Deep Cove.  Now I haven’t heard from the company yet, which has me a little concerned, but strangely enough, my new laissez-faire attitude says that there is still September.  However, my old attitude says that I distinctly remember signing up for it back in June, because I waited too late to sign up for the July sessions and since this weekend is a long weekend, I am slightly concerned, just slightly.  Anyway, my main reason for going was to check out the kayaking company and to see what kind of parking was available.  And along with my old attitude came my old habit of not waiting for them to contact me, but for me to contact them instead.  So I went to their website to find their email and luckily I did, because then I saw the class times which was actually one hour earlier than I thought.  That would’ve sucked for me to show up one hour late for class.  So anyway, email is sent and now I wait.  Now, the other reason for doing the Quarry Rock hike was I wanted to hike the Baden Powell Trail from Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon and I was trying to figure out how I actually wanted to do it.  The section of the Baden Powell Trail that I want to do starts in Deep Cove and then ends in Lynn Canyon so basically I needed to figure out how to get there and back, via public transportation.  So, I had two reasons for wanting to do the Quarry Rock hike and really it had nothing to do with actually hiking to Quarry Rock.  But when I did it, I was really glad I made the effort.  This was my first time to Deep Cove and it is such a nice little place.  After enjoying the view at the top, our next incentive to get us down, as I said, was the the Hawaiian style shaved ice.  Including our stop at the top, we finished the hike in one hour and fifty minutes.

Oh Shaved Ice.  How Refreshing!  How very much you reminded me of being in Honolulu again!  After sitting and enjoying for a little bit, Barry practically dragged us away from the table to walk down to the water.  There’s something about sitting and relaxing that he doesn’t seem to get, but that’s okay.  As Barry walked on ahead, Nicole and I just took our time and quite quickly we came upon a store window that had something worth photographing, at least for me.  While I unloaded my pack of the remaining doughnut, that would be handed off to Barry’s wife, and placed my half finished shaved ice on the ledge, I pulled out my camera and started taking photos.  And then along came a kid, two of them, in fact.  These boys couldn’t have been older than 6.  And like all curious boys, he saw something interesting, something bright and colourful, something that looked tasty, my Shaved Ice.  And like all curious boys, he had to ask, “What that?”  What’s what?  That?  That’s called shaved ice.  And like all curious boys, he had further questions, yet still simple questions.  As he reached down and pointed at the red colour in my shaved ice, reached down and pointed and left a curious boy’s finger print in my shaved ice, in the red colour, he asked, “What’s that?”  Why, That’s Tiger’s blood.  “Eww” he says.  It tastes like strawberries and coconut!  It’s yummy.  And like all curious boys, he had more simple questions.  This time his curious finger decided to leave a print in the orange colour.  “What’s that?”  That one’s called Dreamcycle.  That one tastes like orange and vanilla.  And like all curious boys, he wasn’t interested in pink so my guava flavour didn’t get blessed by a curious boy’s finger.  However, the curious boy’s father decided to check on his boy since curious boys really shouldn’t be talking to strangers or leaving fingerprints in other peoples shaved ice.  But the curious boy had more questions.  “Can I try?”  Well, as dad tried to distract the boy, I had to tell that he would have to ask his dad to get him a shaved ice.  Dad did his best.  Dad said that they were waiting for pizza.  However like all curious boys know, Dad doesn’t lay down the law.  Mum does.  “Which way are you going?”  Well we’re headed that way, as I point towards the water.  “I can ask my Mum.  Mum’s that way,” the curious boy points the same way.  Well I guess you’ll have to wait for mum and ask her.  But your pizza will be much tastier than my shaved ice.  Bye now!  And we left curious boy with his dad.

Well, I’m glad Nicole got a good laugh.  And really I did too.  What do you do when a curious boy sticks his finger into your shaved ice?  Twice?  Besides looking on in disbelief and wondering, did I just see him do that?  There really is nothing you can do except laugh.

All in all it was a nice little outing.  I had great company.  I discovered a nice little village community.  I had half of a very tasty doughnut and I had a nice hike.


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