Sooner or Later!

Let me start off by saying that I am fine.  I’m okay.  It was bound to happen eventually.  Since I first started kickboxing, there have been big ugly bruises on both legs and arms, and I totally expected that to happen.  The hitting of the stomach, not so expected, but not so bad.  A few sessions ago, there was the “tapping” of my stomach with Cara’s foot, while I was in push up position.  Again not so expected, but not so bad.  For some of the ladies it was actually ticklish.  I’ve been accidentally kicked once before by my good friend, and still is my good friend, Nicole, in the kickboxing class.  And I knew sooner or later this would happen, however I was not prepared today for a full on push kick to the stomach.  NOT expected at all and though I’d like to say not so bad,  I can still feel it and I think I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.  Basically my partner’s foot slipped from the pad I was holding and found my stomach.  This is a minor thing that I can recover from.  However what’s probably gonna make it worse is tomorrow, I’ll be waking at the crack of dawn to get to a 6am circuit training class and then my day is supposed to end with a hike to Quarry Rock with Nicole and our mutual friend Barry.  It is going to be a tough day tomorrow.  I might actually have to indulge on Honey’s Doughnuts in Deep Cove.  Or not.  I might just take a photo of Barry eating the donut.

Anyway, what did I do at the end of this class after being kicked in the stomach?  I thanked my partner and then registered for next months classes.  I am a sucker for punishment.


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