Addicted to Endorphins!

I have never been so happy to go to an exercise class than I was today.  It was a stressful day today.  Work is alway bleh, but today was just extra bleh because the project I’m working on just will not go away.  Just when I thought I was done, something sets it back and I’m stuck with it for another day.  My biggest apologies to Irene.  I swear I will not be cranky and unapproachable as soon as this project is done.  My “NOT NOW” sign will come down and be shredded as soon as this project goes away tomorrow morning!  Fingers crossed!  It’s amazing how one project can ruin a whole day and yet I have learned enough this time so that the next time I am stuck with this project, it will be even smoother.  Though I can still guarantee there will be another “NOT NOW” sign.  There is no getting away from that.  It requires full, uninterrupted concentration, which doesn’t always happen, actually, which is nearly impossible to get at work, and I’m not talking about Irene.  It didn’t help that family life decided to interject itself into work life as well.  And normally it would be fine, but this project really needed my full attention.

Poor kids.  Big Z and Little Z have chest colds and with this heat wave we are experiencing, the combination makes for a stressed out Poh Poh.  So I got a phone call from Poh Poh, which in turn meant I had to call up Sister C and get her to call up Poh Poh and once that emergency was fixed, I received another phone call later on from Poh Poh about our irritating neighbours and their un-neighbourly act of washing out their compost bin in the middle of the alley and onto our side of the road. Honestly!  We live in Canada.  If you wanted to behave like slobs and live like slobs, then perhaps you should go back to where you came from.  I know that it is very un-neighbourly to say so, but really, we don’t need to see all your composted food waste in the middle of the road.  Perhaps it’s just the learning curve of how to pack and wrap the food waste, but basically, you are dumping garbage on a public road and inconveniencing and being awfully disrespectful of your surrounding neighbours who will now wash all of your waste back onto your side of the road.  LOSERS!

Needless to say, these family interruptions along with other work related interruptions made for an irritable day for me where the “NOT NOW” sign should have been taped to my back AND front just so that people would get it.  Maybe next time I’ll put in ear plugs.  I’ve done that before, but it always seemed so unfriendly.  It’ll be my last resort.  Here’s hoping that all goes well tomorrow but I’ll have the earplugs on hand.  I was so irritated, I was tempted by a can of Coke.  Luckily it still survives in the fridge.  But it’s days may be numbered.  Even now as I write this, I can feel the irritation returning.  “NOT NOW!”

Anyway, my day at work ended on time.  I head off and I’m home in record time.  And then I have to rush the kids to their doctor’s appointments.  Sister C’s appointment with her allergy specialist went late.  Seriously, for a specialist, you’d think you could hire a receptionist that knows how to schedule appointments so that you don’t go late.  Sister C was supposed to see the doctor just after 2pm.  She didn’t see him/her till after 3pm.  Any other business would LOSE business because you aren’t reliable, but instead, we chalk it up to, oh, well it’s a specialist so we’re lucky to get an appointment.  Anyways, the kids make it to their doctor’s appointment just in time.  But still it took time for two kids and an adult.  I think I’ve been so stressed that a little cut on finger from a hike two weeks ago, sort of turned into a rash and would not go away, so I figured I’d get it checked out and I mentioned to my doctor about exercising, losing weight, getting fit and nutrition.  She was pleased about it and said she’d make a referral for me into a nutrition program.  While I was there, I was weighed and charted and they reconfirmed that I am a perfect 5 foot 2 inches tall.  The weight, well, I’m working on it and really, with the muscle I’m gaining, it’s more about the measurements for me (down a dress size!  Hurray!) than it is about the weight (lost 12 lbs!  Hurray!).  Though it is nice to see the numbers drop!  I’m actually more pleased to see the measurements change.  And holy crow!  I have muscles!  Cool!  Well after all this, Little Z did what comes naturally for kids still in diapers.  So we had to get him changed before heading back home.  Unfortunately we started into meltdown mode for the kids as well.  By the time we were ready to head home for dinner, the kids were already 30 minutes passed dinner time and really wanted Mommy.  Aunty was no longer good enough.  Poor Mommy.  Aunty got a little snappish as well, since:  1.  I did not have dinner either; and 2.  I had a Muay Thai Kickboxing class at 6pm.  Which meant I had 30 minutes to return home, in rush hour, and maybe get a snack before my workout.  I still had to change into workout clothes.  I made it to class with 5 minutes to spare.  Sorry Sister C for being snappish.  I’ll be a better Aunty next time.  And I’ll learn to carry snacks in my backpack when I travel with your kids (snacks for kids and Aunty).

I have never been so happy to go to an exercise class than I was today.  I have missed my endorphin rush.  I really missed working up a sweat.  And I mean a sweat because of physical activity, not because of a hot, hot sun!  I really missed kicking.  No punching today.  But lots of kicking.  I wasn’t so keen on the running around the track or the sprinting, but it still kicked in the endorphins.  The whacking of the stomach!  Got it!  Then there was the Muay Thai situps!  Which also involved whacking of the stomach.  Oh Dear.  Did I mention I partnered up with Cara today?  She came in third in all of North America for her category!  Yay Cara!  Oh, I forgot to mention the piggy back rides and the wheelbarrows.  I really gotta work on my upper arm strength.  And all of this was outside in the field, in our bare feet.  It was so much fun!  Kind of child-like with toes wriggling in the grass.  Kind of child-like, except our kicks could’ve hurt people.  I also met some really nice ladies in the class.  Two of them took a cardio kickboxing class about a year ago, and the other two, I don’t really know much about them except that one girl had apprenticed with our company recently but didn’t do so well and was not asked to return to the company over the summer.  Shame and slightly awkward.  She has a very nice personality.  But our company requires more than just a nice personality.

So after kicking some butt and getting my stomach whacked, I returned home in a much better mood!  Endorphins should be patented!  And as I opened the door, I hear children’s music playing on the CD player and I hear soft voices and was pleasantly surprised to still see the kids at home.  They were just on their way out but of course kids know the best way to drag out a good thing:  “I have to pee pee!”  So I got to see my Big Z and Little Z before they left for home.

No kids tomorrow but it’ll still be a good evening.  I’m off to try out a different spinning class.  I had originally planned a kayaking lesson for the next set of four Wednesdays, but I put off registering to the point where the class was full.  Another sign to take it easy?  Or a consequence of procrastination?  Probably both.  But I am registered for kayaking classes in August.  I think this way I’ll get used to my Kickboxing classes before I throw in something new.  In the meantime, I don’t really want to take it easy, hence a spinning class tomorrow.  My lesson in acknowledging limits (from last post) has shown me I need to continue pushing my limits, but a little more slowly.  Can’t wait till tomorrow!  I really need the endorphins!


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