Small Signs

Last week when I hiked to Norvan Falls, I had a slight issue with my knee.   And I mentioned it to Korri.  She said something to the effect that I had to be careful I don’t over do things and develop an over-use injury.  That would be very terrible to develop something like that before heading over to New Zealand where I would be doing a lot of walking and hiking.  Especially with my goal of climbing Mt. Doom and walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.  So while we hiked, Korri was thinking about how to modify my training schedule.  She basically said that I had gone from zero to twenty in a very short period of time with my physical activity, which is pretty much true.  I started out with spinning class twice a week for 3 weeks and then I met up with Korri again.  And then from there, I changed from going to physical fitness classes twice a week to 3 times, then 4 times and I’m up to 5 times a week consisting of spinning, kickboxing, hiking, and two workout sessions at the gym.  I have one scheduled rest day and one day where it’s supposed to be less strenuous activities such as yoga.  Almost everyday after work, I do a 20 minute walk to my car or to my Skytrain stop before heading home.  I’m a fair-weather transit user.  So on rainy days, the car gets to come out from the garage and the walks are put on hold.  But since I started up with the physical activity, I have come to know the road that leads me to the parking lot from my work place.  Any ways, after the hike, I went home and iced my knee.  I didn’t put too much more thought into it.  I would do whatever Korri suggested I do.  And besides, this week I would be getting a break.  My Cardio Kickboxing class was over.  However I decided to drop in to a Muay Thai Kickboxing class, a more high intensity replacement, I would say.  Even the weather changed.  It’s been yucky rainy everyday, except for today.  And as mentioned in a recent post, I was testing out my boots in the rain.  And since they weren’t walking worthy, I didn’t walk from work to the parking lot.  So no 20 minute walking sessions all week.  Wednesday was a nice rest day.  But I did part of my workout at home.  Thursday was not supposed to be a rest day for me.  I had planned to go to a spinning class.  But the restaurant we went to earlier in the day, the one that did not take reservations, was full when we got there so we waited for a table.  By the time we finished dinner, spinning class was almost over.  So I ended going out for a nice dinner and inadvertently having myself a nice rest day .  Since I hadn’t worked out in the last two days, I was feeling kind of bleh.  Work was a bit stressful and annoyingly I think it will remain stressful until the audit is completed.  So I really needed to get in some sort of physical activity.  So I was ready for another Muay Thai Kickboxing class.

I was talking to Nicole about the Muay Thai Kickboxing class and about our friend Jyoti.  It sounded like they may be joining me on the Friday sessions.  Nicole wasn’t going to join me for the Kickboxing class on this day because she was recovering from a pretty bad cold.  She was talking to some friends and they also suggested that she may have pushed herself a little too much, too quickly with the whole physical fitness stuff.  I nodded and agreed.  And I acknowledged that I may be in the same boat as well but still I was determined to go to another class.  I really needed to work out, just because it makes me feel really good.  Endorphins!  And it was that kind of a day where I really needed to kick something.  But I was feeling tired.  Maybe over doing it?  Or maybe it was because I woke up at who knows what time.  And it was when I finally acknowledged that I could not sleep that I checked the time:  4:34am.  I had to be up at 6am to get to work.  Or maybe it was because I had the weirdest, creepiest dream that I can remember.  A child’s voice kept calling out “Hello?” over and over again and then there was another voice calling out for “Jacob” intermittently.  Don’t ask me who Jacob is.  I haven’t got a clue.  This all took place in a diner and no one moved or reacted to these voices.  Everyone just kept their heads down and continued with their meal and I was watching and wondering why no one was reacting and when I tried to get up, I couldn’t move.  Creepy!  And I usually don’t remember my creepy dreams.  Actually I don’t usually have creepy dreams.  Let’s just say, I should not fall asleep thinking about zombies.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to go see World War Z this weekend or next weekend.  Needless to say, I was tired, stressed and really missing the endorphins from a good workout.  I really needed a workout.

So I had it planned.  I was gonna get home, have a smallish meal or just a snack and then head out with my mom.  She was headed off to the hot tub and I would be off to practice kicking, punching and elbowing.  But traffic onto the Arthur Lang bridge was at a stand still.  I could see the flashing lights of emergency vehicles, just up ahead.  So I veered away and into Richmond.  I was willing to risk life and limb on Knight Street bridge.  All I have to say is GRRRRRR!  But I made it home!  I manage to change into my workout clothes and then I get a phone call from Sister C.  She was having some kind of reaction and needed me to drive her to the nearest clinic, which happened to be closed at 4pm.  Not so helpful at 4:55pm.  So off to Mount Saint Joseph hospital, but maybe our family doctor could help, except it’s her day off.  But what about the other doctors in that office?  There are supposed to be two other doctors in the office.  After explaining everything to the receptionist, she told Sister C to go to the hospital because the doctors were busy.  So what was the point in asking all those questions?  After getting to the hospital, I got ripped off by the stupid parking meter that doesn’t give change, even when you cancel the transaction and there is a button that you can press to get your money back.  Stupid-coins-that-have-changed-weight-by-micrograms-so-that-older-machines-don’t-recognize-you-as-real-coins!  What a total scam!  Anyway, I tell Sister C that I will wait for her till 6:30pm before taking off and then her hubby will have to come and pick her up.  After half an hour of waiting, she gets called in.  And then she’s out in less than 10 minutes.  WHAAAA?  They did nothing for her and told her to go see her eye doctor later this week.  She wasn’t having a reaction to the medication.  Geez Louise!  But hey!  It was only 6:10pm.  I still had time to get home, pick up mom, snack maybe and head off to kickboxing.  YES!

NO!  I paid my drop-in fee, went down the stairs to the classroom, jiggled the handle to the door, wondered why it wouldn’t open, jiggled the handle again thinking I had gotten weak from two days of rest, then peeked through the window and wondered why the lights were out, jiggled the handle again and then realized it was locked.  Considering I jiggled the handle three times before coming to the conclusion that the door was locked, you can tell that I was really tired, really wanted to kick something and was in denial and coming upon disbelief.  The community centre employee couldn’t explain why there was no class today.  Since their schedule said that there was supposed to be two classes back-to-back.  But now that I think about it, Faraaz did say that they were going to the tournament on Wednesday, in Iowa.  It was possible, that they were still there.  After refunding my money, I now had a dilemma.  Mom was already in the hot tub and who knew how long she would be there.  I had my card so I could actually get into the tub, however, no swimsuit.  I could pay for drop-in to the gym, however no runners and no socks.  I had my sandals on, since we are barefoot in the gym for kickboxing.  So I headed outside for the track, because I still needed some endorphins!

So after all that, no Kickboxing.  But I think it was more about taking it easy for a bit.  Throughout the whole week, there were small signs that I wasn’t seeing or I was choosing to ignore.

  1. Korri basically saying I should be careful I don’t over do it.
  2. Korri modifying my training schedule just a little so I don’t over do it.
  3. Nicole talking about herself and overdoing the physical activity and making herself sick.
  4. Me feeling tired and bleh.
  5. Today’s Traffic.
  6. Sister C’s phone call.
  7. Our attempt to get her medical attention.
  8. And the locked door to the gym.

All of these small signs were telling me to take it easy.  Of course now I’m thinking about my upcoming hike.  The weather is turning again.  It’s supposed to be hot and humid and sunny and it’s only supposed to get better with each passing day.  I had a hike planned for Sunday, the Sendero Diez Vistas hike in Port Moody.  I had planned it for Sunday because I had thought I would need a rest day between my kickboxing class and the hike.  However, no kickboxing, so I could do the hike on Saturday instead, a day earlier when it will not be so hot as on the Sunday.  However I was also doing my research on this hike and I had come to the conclusion that I may want to get bear spray, the day before the hike.  So if I go on Saturday, I will not have any bear spray.  Is this another sign?  I don’t know.  I am leaning towards no, not a sign.  I think the final sign, if there is one, will be what kind of sleep I get tonight.  It’s a 6 to 7 hour hike on a 15 km trail.  That means I should start the hike at 9am, which means I should be on the road by 8am to get there by 9am.  Seeing as my last attempt to be on a hike by 9am was not too successful, I may see Saturday as another rest day.  But that would make 4 rest days in a row.  And I am really missing my endorphins!


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