Beaten, But not Down!

Yes, I have been beaten.  Not to a pulp, but still, beaten.  I went to my first Muay Thai Kickboxing class yesterday.  It was a ladies class only.  There were four of us, one trainer and another lady who was not taking part, but putting in some last-minute training for a tournament that she was headed to…today actually.  I didn’t really plan to go to this class.  I was on the fence about it.  I was feeling kind of tired after my spinning class on Monday and was kind of thinking of just taking it easy on Tuesday and just enjoying the evening with Big Z and Little Z.  But I decided to go and maybe just check out the class from outside the door or window.  I searched all over the community centre but I could not find the class.  And since I was already there, I decided to do the drop-in and just attend the class.  I mean, I was already there.  I already wasted the gas just to get there, I might as well suck it up and go to the class.

Was it a bad decision?  Well, class did not start on time, but that doesn’t really bother me.  I am not a stickler for being on time, so I’m not gonna hold it against anyone else who doesn’t start on time.  Like I said, there were four of us.  Two seemed to be more familiar with the class, and another had only attended 4 classes prior to this one.  Jessica introduced herself to me right away.  Friendly!  The instructor, Faraaz, was very welcoming right from the start and introduced me to Cara right away, the lady going to the tournament.  So far so good.  The first thing Faraaz had us do was warm up.  Jogging, then jogging with knees up, then switch directions, then there was sprinting.  Then things started to get blurry from there.  I remember there was push-ups, there were lots of core-type exercises which I cannot describe properly and it’s more like I wish I didn’t have to do it.  There were jumping jacks while in the push-up position and there were “Chinese push-ups”.  I kid you not.  According to Faraaz, that’s what these push-ups were actually called.  Think of being in the plank position, going down as if doing a push-up and then when you push up, your body moves as if you are going into the cobra pose in yoga and then back to plank position.  I’m sure I caught a few flies in my month during that class.  My jaw kept dropping with all the stuff he had us doing.  What are jumping jacks in the push-up position?  Imagine yourself in the plank position.  On your hands, not your forearms.  You are on your toes, not your knees.  You push off with your hands and your toes and you land with your hands and feet spread apart.  Then you push off again and bring your hands and feet back to the original spot.  Can you picture that?  Let’s just say, it was tough.  And this was just the warm-up.  Finally warm up was done.  Wait, I forgot.  Running with tension bands.  The tension band goes around your waist and while your partner holds the band, you run.  Kind of like dragging a reluctant dog to the vet, a big dog.  Or a big bear.  So we did that, running forward, sideways and I think backwards (can’t quite remember).  We finally got a minute and thirty seconds for a break, before elbows, kicks and punches.  Silly me, since I hadn’t really planned on attending the class, I did not bring a water bottle.  My partner, Timea got me a pair of gloves from the supply cabinet and she got these mitt-like shields.  I’ll call them mini shields.  Basically they were smaller versions of kick shields but you strap them onto each arm.  Kind of like mitts, but not really.  Note to self:  Get your own gloves.  It’s fine to use the ones supplied by the community centre.  But keep in mind that you will sweat.  And unless they have antibacterial tea tree oil to spray into the mitts, it will stink after each use.  All I have to say is that after the class, it was icky and stinky.  I will be sure to go shopping for my own mitts before my next class.  Is that a little extreme?  Since I only took one class?  Perhaps, but even after I showered after class, my hands were not smelling Daisy Fresh.  And trust me, I scrubbed.  Besides, this is my new challenge:  Kickboxing.  I know I mentioned my kickboxing class with my Kiwi instructor in a previous post and I how much I enjoyed the class, but this class, this was a real kickboxing class.  My Kiwi instructor taught a Cardio Kickboxing class.  And as enjoyable as that was, it was more like a cardio class with kickboxing moves thrown into it.  Now, why do I say that this was a real kickboxing class?  After we elbowed and punched and kicked each other, we had to raise our gloved hands above our heads, stand there and then our partner whacked us in the stomach with the mini shield.  WHAT? You exclaim!  More like WHAT THE  EFF?!?  But okay.  You want to hit me in the stomach waist line, go right ahead.  No one else seemed perturbed.  And really the training I received from work, back in Chilliwack, has probably messed my head up a little that I am now looking forward to a beating.  Faraaz even demonstrated on Cara.  Wow!  She was a rock!  You can even tell your partner to hit you harder.  I decided I didn’t need to be hit any harder just yet.  Now, being hit by another person did not really bother me.  Weird?  Standing there and letting yourself be hit over and over again until your instructor says stop, did not bother me.  Weird?  I don’t know and I can’t explain it.  I just went with the flow.  I’m not saying it didn’t hurt.  Trust me.  It hurt.  And it still hurts.  I have muscles aching that I never knew existed.  But what bothered me was when it was my turn to hit Timea and she wanted me to hit her harder.  After awhile, you get used to it, but at first, it just feels wrong, to hit someone who is not attacking back, who has not provoked your attack.  This was was definitely counter intuitive to the training we received in Chilliwack.  But Hey, My instructor said to hit her.

Finally we were done.  We bowed to each other.  We did some wonderful stretches and then we bowed to our instructor and class was concluded.

Was this a bad decision?  No.  I really enjoyed myself.  It was a very welcoming, non-judgemental and encouraging class.  The people were friendly and I felt very comfortable and at ease in this class.  Guaranteed I will get a very good workout in this class and I am so glad I dropped-in.  Faraaz was a very good instructor and he has a sense of humour.  Always a good trait to have for an instructor.  I can’t wait for the next beating!  And I hope my friends Nicole and Jyoti decide to participate as well.  Everyone needs a beating, at least once in their workout life!  You just have to make sure you get up after the beating!


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