These Boots are made for Walking…NOT!

Well, Since the Summer Solstice occurred, we have had cloudy days and pouring rainy days.  It’s only now at 730pm that the sun decided to show itself and even then I can see the dark clouds slowly making its way across the sky.  Is this anyway to tell us it’s summer in Vancouver?  Well, with the rain comes the boots and so for what ever reason, I decided to try on a pair of boots that I hadn’t worn since I grew out of it a long time ago.  But since I had slimmed down so much I decided to try them on.  And lo and behold they fit like a glove.  Gosh I missed those boots.  I forgot how nice my legs could look in them.  I know I am sounding very vain right now.  But when you go through a rough period like I did for several years, I think I’m entitled to acknowledge a few things I’m pleased about, like my legs in trendy boots!  Trendy boots with a two-inch heel.  Now, it’s been years since I wore these boots, probably at least 4 years.  Yes, that’s right.  Four Years!  I have this trait passed on from my mother.  I don’t throw things out easily.  My things are stored away until I will one day fit into them again. Or I can find a sister to pass it onto.  Or I admit defeat that I am not being realistic.  But in this instance, I was able to slim down enough to fit my beloved boots again!  Yay!  I have boots that I can wear now that look good on me.  But it’s one thing to wear them in the house and another to actually wear and walk in them.  In the last four years I have also come to realize that I have problem feet.  I have flat and wide feet.  And I have to wear orthotics to fix the arch issue.  And from all those young and stupid years of wearing strappy high-heeled shoes, I actually have slight nerve damage in one foot.  So really, in the last four years, I’ve been limited to runners, hikers and sandals that can fit orthotics.  All choices that don’t really go well with a pretty dress or skirt.  Occasionally I will find pretty shoes that are wearable, but also costly.  If I decide to wear a dressy pair of shoes, I usually look for a pair of ballet flats, which really don’t solve my foot issues either.  But I remember back in my younger days wearing two-inch heels and I especially remember the pain it caused in my feet.  And yet I put up with it.  Because Honestly?  I was young and stupid!  And I was willing to suck it up to gain height.  I admit I am short.  Petite, if you want to be kind.  I am 5 feet 2 inches.  Two and a half if I feel tall on any particular day.  Five feet three inches if I’m really feeling tall.  But I’d be just kidding myself.  At 5 feet 2 inches, any one girl would want to add a tiny bit of height, even if it is artificial.  When the platform craze hit, I got a pair of platforms.  Thank god that trend faded quickly.  I’m sure there were a lot of sprained ankles, if not broken, all other the world because of that insane trend.  Now I’m very comfortable at this particular height.  I don’t think I’m short.  I’m at just the right height for me.  In fact I feel quite tall.  I think it is also the mindset that I now have with all this fitness stuff that I’m going through.  I feel good about myself and my physical accomplishments.  And I the key goal is to compare yourself with yourself.  Weird right?  But think about it.  What were you like 4 years ago?  Can you improve yourself and better yourself from 4 years ago?  If you put your mind to it, I bet you could.  Anyway I digress.  My gorgeous boots.  I woke up on Monday to hard rain. When I say hard rain, it’s the kind of rain where you think the window pain is going to crack from how hard the rain is coming down.  So while I’m listening to this hard rain, I decide I’m going to wear my re-discovered boots to work.  I know, I don’t really need to wear dressy boots to work.  But I just really wanted to wear nice boots that day.  And it was fine, walking out to the car.  There was a bit of a wobble.  But hey!  It’s been four years!  So I wobbled a bit to the car.  Driving was fine.  And then I get to the parking lot.  Suddenly the walk from the parking lot to the Skytrain station seemed further away than usual.  Now, it could’ve been the rain that made the walk slightly unpleasant, but I soon realized that my stride had shortened.  It is not easy to walk quickly in two-inch boots.  This was not my normal walking pace.  Hmmm.  Maybe it was because I was still stiff from my hike to Norvan Falls, but that was two days ago.  Hmmm.  Well, I made it to the station, hopped on to the train and then got off at my stop.  I’m walking down the escalators like I usually do but something doesn’t feel right.  It’s an awkward movement.  Hmmm.  Maybe I’m just not used to my boots yet.  It has been four years.  But I’m relieved to change into my work clothes and work boots.  Of course at the end of my work day, I’m looking forward to wearing my boots again.  And the strangeness of it is not as noticable anymore.  So maybe it was just a matter of getting used to it.  Even the walk from the station back to the car was not bad.  And then I sat into the car and felt the pain in my neck.  Something that I hadn’t felt in years.  And I finally had to connect a dot.  It has been four years.  And still I had to do something stupid to realize that walking in two-inch high-heeled boots…is stupid.  All your weight is on the balls of your feet.  Your spine is all out of whack!  I could feel it in my lower back as well.  I love my boots.  But they were not made for walking, not real-life walking.  But this doesn’t mean I will throw them out.  It just means they will only be worn at special occasions that requires minimal walking and lots of sitting.  Dinners with friends?  At least they kept my feet dry.  But that’s what rubber boots are for.  Which is really what I should have worn that Monday.  Good thing I pulled them out for Tuesday.


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