Happy Summer Solstice!

How did you spend your summer solstice?  Depending on where you live in the world, it may not have occurred yet.  Normally the longest day of the year occurs on June 21, however due to my location on this planet, it took place on the 20th this year.  And my oh my, was it ever a long day.  Work just dragged on and on and it didn’t help that on the longest day of the year, we had non stop dreary rain.  Only in Vancouver, Right?  I guess we had a really good spell the last week with nice hot sunny days.  But really?  On this day, we have to have sideways rain?  Alternating between warm and cold temperatures?  If I didn’t know the date, I would’ve thought it was fall.  And to add insult to injury, today was my last kickboxing class with my Kiwi instructor, at least until September.  Sigh.  It was such a fun class and Josh was a really good instructor.  I guess I’ll have to make due with another kickboxing class at a different community centre over the summer and then sign up with Josh when classes are held in the fall.  But regardless, I’ll still be continuing on with my kickboxing.  Seriously fun stuff!  I love kicking and punching!  The bags, not the people.  Another sigh!  Yesterday was my last photography class.  As I mentioned in my last post.  I have discovered a new hobby.  I won’t call it a passion just yet.  But I really enjoy taking photos.  But what now?  My Wednesdays and Thursdays are now free.  I’m gonna have to check the schedules and try to fill up my calendar again.  I know at some point I’ll be booking a series of kayaking classes so that will fill up at least one evening of the week.  I’m still spinning!  So far I’m still enjoying that too.  Korri is keeping me on track with my workouts and hiking.  This Saturday we will head out to Norvan Falls in North Vancouver.  This Sunday is Greek day on West Broadway, so I’ll head out there with my camera.  I hope the weather gets better, at least for my hike, if not for Greek day.  If it rains on Sunday, I could always just hang out at home and work on my other hobby.  Knitting.  I haven’t mentioned knitting in a while now.  Remember my Castle Pullover?  and my Nyanen Tee?  Since I started exercising, I’ve lost some weight and slimmed down to the point where these lovely knits are too big on me now.  So sadly I’m giving them away to Sister P.  However if she does not want them, I will be frogging them and start all over again.  For all the non-knitters:  Frogging means to rip apart the sweater.  We “rip it”.  Get it?  Frogs go “rip it”.  I know, not something that elicits a belly laugh, but that is how my friend Jen explained it to me.  But my concern with starting a new sweater is that I may continue to slim down and what I knit will again be too big by the time the project is done.  So I have put my knitting on hold for a bit until I can settle on what to knit.  I know I still have two more Mini Aunties to knit up.  I could always knit clothes for the nieces and nephews.  And there are always dolls for the kids too.  What is a girl to do?  It’s a wonder I am able to pay attention at work.  Maybe that’s why my days are  dragging?  Oh well.  Only one more day till the weekend.  Oh and did you know that there is a Super Full Moon coming up this Sunday night?  It is where the moon will be the closest to Earth this year and will appear to be extra bright and extra big.  I might have to head out to a park with my camera and tripod and practice my new skills.  So much to do!  And not enough Mini Aunties to do it all!

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!


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