My Newest Hobby!

I can’t believe this has happened.  But I have a new hobby.  It is only in the fledgeling stage, but still, I think I have caught the shutter bug.  I can’t remember if I mentioned this before but Irene and I are taking a photography course.  It’s only three sessions and we have completed two classes already and with each class we have homework to so.  So of course I had to lug my camera out for the weekend.  And what better place to do homework than out on the streets of Vancouver.  Just this last weekend, it was Car Free Day on Main Street.  This is not the first Car Free Day in Vancouver, but it is the first one I ever went to and it was really enjoyable!  I was so enthralled that I missed out on my sister’s invite for dinner.  Sorry Sister W!  Maybe next time.  There was just too much to see and do.  There were stalls and tables set up to sell all kinds of things and lots of food stalls and the music and dancing were so much fun.  I ate at places I would not normally go to.  I walked into shops I would not normally go into and I discovered places that I only read about and placed on my list of ‘things to see and do when I have more time’.  And it was a great opportunity to pull out my camera and practice my new skills.  I can’t believe I have only one more to go.  I’m gonna have to scrounge around for more classes or re-read the one blog that our instructor referred us to.  Or just go out and shoot as many pictures as possible and keep on practicing.

I wonder what’s going on next weekend?  My camera will come with me on my next hike of course.  My camera is now considered as part of my gear for my hikes through New Zealand so it will travel with me on all my hikes in Vancouver, but that only covers Saturday.  That still leaves Sunday wide open. Stay tuned!  I’ll get back to you.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos!  If you have any suggestions on improvement, please feel free!  I welcome any advice.


I was so excited to start taking photos, I forgot to check my settings from the last class. But now I’ve discovered the adjustment settings on iPhoto!


Yummy! Takoyaki! So Delicious! I was enjoying myself so much, I didn’t pay attention to the name of the restaurant! But I know where you are. I’ll find you again!


Just a fun shot. I didn’t realize I had actually gotten the shot until I got home!



Theatre Terrific! Their enthusiasm was contagious! They definitely had fun and so did everyone else who was watching!


Roller Blades are Out? Roller Skates back IN? Doesn’t matter. Everyone had fun!


One of my favourite photos with the kid running into the shot. The dancers were great. I believe they were representing The Beaumont Studios.


Another great dance couple from The Beaumont Studios. They were just as impressive as the other couple. They were dancing to Yael Naim’s version of Toxic. Loved it! The dancing and the song.


Another one of my favourite photos.



This guy was really great on the roller skates!




Another great band along the street!


You can never be too old to dance!


All forms of dance could be found on Main Street!


All you need is enthusiasm!


Lots of Enthusiasm!


Should I say it again?


I’ll say it again. Fun and Enthusiasm!


Everyone got into the music and dancing!


This little guy was the greatest. He just stood in the middle and stared!


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