Gold Creek Falls

I like a nice solitary hike.  It’s always nice to have time to yourself to think about things, let your imagination go wild, worry about bears, and to be able to say that I did it myself.  But sometimes, it’s better with friends.  Today, I went to Gold Creek Falls, in Golden Ears Provincial Park with two lovely ladies and a dog.  DSC_0150My friends, Nicole and Korri and Korri’s temporary dog, Bruno all participated on this hike. I was decked out in all my New Zealand gear and so far, so good.  Of course there had to be a mishap at some point and luckily for me, it was at the very beginning, before I even stepped out the door.  I had just purchased a new hydration system for my backpack and I filled it up with water, screwed on the cap, placed it in my bag and stuffed all my other stuff into the bag.  Everything fit!  Perfect!  And then I had the bag on my back, bent down to tie my shoe laces and that’s when something started to drip on me!  Ai Yah!!!  My first thought was about my camera!  Water is not it’s friend!  And then my next thought was ‘I’m going to be late’ and then my final thought before calming down was ‘I just bought that stupid thing’.  Of course when I emptied out my bag, I realized the only thing stupid, was me not screwing the cap on properly.  Oops!  Good thing it was just water in that bag.  Good thing my camera was untouched!  And good thing that was the only thing that went wrong today.

The weather was fantastic during the hike.  DSC_0209There were quite a few people and dogs on the trail.  So you never have to worry about being alone, or lost, or being surprised by bears or cougars.  Of course we only hit a small section of the park, the Lower Falls Trail and then later on the North Beach Trail.  According to the website, it is a two hour hike with minimal elevation just for the Lower Falls Trail.  I don’t know how long it took us, but it didn’t really matter.  We were just enjoying ourselves and admiring the view.  Bruno had a great time with all the other dogs on the trail and he kept good tabs on all three of us making sure that we all kept up with him.  If you head out here, or to any other trail on the website, you might want to check out the comments section.  A lot of times, there are comments from people who recently hiked the trail and they can give you a heads up on what to expect, such as muddy trails!  It was funny to see kids in sandals trying to make their way through the muddy trails.  And for the most part, our group tried to go around the muddy patches, but after awhile, it was just easier to go right through.  It helped to know that in my trunk, I had a pair of sandals waiting for me and I could always wipe the mud off my legs with a towel or my socks before getting back into the car.  I came well prepared this time.  Thanks Mt Carleton and Gollum’s Cave!  All the lessons I learned from those two hikes I will now apply to all future hikes!

  1. Bring a change of shoes and socks!  You never know when your trail will turn into a stream, or at least become super muddy.
  2. Let someone know where you are going!  Did that!
  3. Let that someone know when you are back!  Did that too!
  4. Know your bear and cougar safety!  Did that last time, but it never hurts to review.
  5. Make sure you can run faster than the others!  Kidding!!!!  The last thing you want to do is run from the wild animals!

Check out the photos.  It’s much more impressive in person and if I go back, I’ll see if my other friend, Irene will want to join me.  I think she would enjoy it and it’s a great place to work on our new found photography skills.


Didn’t need to bring Mini Aunty today.


Top of the Falls!



Bottom of the Falls!


Now This is an Amazing Tree!


Is that a Black rider up ahead?


Nicole sees an alligator head. I see a boar’s head. What do you see?


Time for some fun at the beach!




Ahhhh! Refreshing!


Really? Do we have to go home?


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