Until Next Time!

I did not hike the Maliseet Trail. Instead I slept in. I decided that I would just head straight to Fredericton and see the city rather than try to cram two things into one day when really there was only time to do one thing. But that’s okay. After my experience here, I will be returning to New Brunswick and the rest of the Maritimes at a later date. I will hike the Maliseet Trail and maybe I’ll even return to Mt Carleton and I won’t wait for a whole decade to pass before I return again.

So after three days of waking up at 6am, I slept in till 730am. Glorious. I had a nice leisurely breakfast of cereal and one waffle. Yum. And then it was time to hit the road one last time. This time, I stayed within the speed limit. No need to rush anywhere this time. And maybe I would see another moose on the side of the road. I didn’t. But that’s okay. I’ll be back again and next time I’m sure I’ll see a moose, even if it’s just the sign.

IMG_1929Once in town, where do you think I ended up? At a yarn shop. I was even lucky enough to have a parking spot right in front of the store: Yarns on York. It was a nice little store and the lady who ran the store was super friendly, recommending a great restaurant for lunch and a place where I could find knitting magazines, since her store did not carry any knitting magazines.

After purchasing a few hand-made stitch markers, it was time for lunch. The recommendation? The Palate Restaurant. It was just around the corner from the yarn shop. It was pretty busy when I got there, but I got a nice greeting and a nice table. The food selection was very good. I had their Blue Plate Feature with their seafood chowder. OMG! That was the best seafood chowder I have ever tasted! And I am not exaggerating. Their lunch special this day was a melted mushroom and chicken open-faced sandwich. Delicious! And I could not finish it! But I just had to finish the chowder. It was too good to waste. The sandwich was really good too, but I just could not finish it.

Next stop, the magazine shop to examine some knitting magazines. Here’s a nice article on Read’s Newstand and Cafe. If you ever get out to Fredericton, stop by the store. The people there were super friendly. And the selection of magazines was pretty amazing.


After making more purchases, it was time to explore. I still had about an hour and a half to go before I had to check in at the airport so I headed towards the river. Eventually I came upon this pedestrian overpass which gave me a great view of the Lighthouse on the Green and looking away from the Lighthouse and out across the river, you see, well, I’m not actually sure what it was, but it was interesting. I want to say that it is remnants of a bridge but that would just be a guess. I continued on the path toward the Lighthouse but eventually decided to turn around. As you can see in the photos, it was a beautiful day out. It was actually the hottest day out of all five days I was there. According to the temperature gauge in the car, it was 30 degrees Celsius when I left for the airport. Needless to say I was very glad to be headed back toward the shade of the Soldiers Barracks. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the building, but was very historical looking and super shady.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I have to say that all the people that I ever encountered here in New Brunswick have been super friendly. This doesn’t happen in Vancouver, but in this little province, everywhere I went, I got a “hello” and a genuine smile and always someone offering assistance when I looked lost. Seriously, this does not happen in Vancouver, not to this extent. I will miss this place. But I will return. And though I never really got a chance to chow down on any major crustaceans, it was still a worthwhile trip. I have another song that I will associate with this place: Phillip Phillips’ Home. I was made to feel so welcome by all I encountered and I will return. Besides, I still have the Maliseet Trail to hike, several if I do more research. And more people to meet. Until next time New Brunswick. I’ll see you again soon.


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