Daylight Should Never Be Wasted!

Did I do the Maliseet Trail after visiting Gollum’s cave?  It was definitely a possibility.  But I hit up Nackawic first.  It was a lovely drive into town.  The road follows the Saint John River and most likely it was the weather, but there was a mist over the river that just made it very moody, especially with the Otis Cemetary on the other side of the road.

DSC_0984As I continued along the road, I finally saw the Worlds Largest Ax.  And yes, an ax is an ax.  But still, the park it was situated in, was very pretty with all the different trees.  I walked along the boat dock and got some interesting pictures and for some reason I was starving after my hike and the apples that I ate just did not do it for me.  Luckily there was a food truck right at the entrance of the parking lot that I was in, so I went and got myself a German hotdog.  Basically a honey garlic flavoured bratwurst on a whole wheat bun and grilled onions.  Good Lord that was good.  And filling.  I couldn’t finish it.

DSC_0975DSC_0978DSC_0976DSC_0979DSC_0980DSC_0982DSC_0981I actually spent a whole hour in Nackawic.  The sun was a little lower in the sky, but still there was time.  So, next stop Maliseet Trail.  Unfortunately by the time I got to the trail, it was getting late and according to the website the trail takes 1.5 hours return.  I would barely have enough daylight for that.  And that’s if I did not get lost.  I also wanted to enjoy this trail since everyone else said that it was a really nice.  So I decided to save it for Day five.

Time to head back to the hotel, but as I got closer to Perth-Andover, I decided to make a detour and see the town.  I figured, since I had been giving training in Carlingford, which was only ten minutes west of Perth-Andover, I should at least take a quick peek of the town on the other side of the Trans-Canada Highway 2.  I’m glad I was able to finish off the day here.  The class had joked about this poor town.  Last year, the town had flooded and many of their buildings were damaged and had to be rebuilt and then apparently this year, the town was on fire.  I went down to the water park, and from what I could see it looked really pretty, but I didn’t explore to much.

DSC_0999DSC_0994DSC_0997It has been a long day.  And I would have a busy day tomorrow if I was going to hike the Maliseet Trail.


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