Beware of the Moose!

My apologies for not posting a quote this week.  It’s been a hectic few days with this last minute trip and working and trying to cram in vacation things on this working trip.  Let me make it up to you and tell you about this week, or at least the first day of the trip.  I’ll have a quote incorporated into a future post about this trip, I’m sure.

My first day of travel was really uneventful.  The only thing that made the trip exciting was in my head.  I flew out from Vancouver to Fredericton via Toronto.  The day started out at 5am, just so I could be at the airport at 6:45 am.  I didn’t arrive at the Fredericton International Airport till 8pm.  I was knitting all the way from Vancouver to Fredericton.  My shoulder and neck are going to punish me the next day.  It was still light out when I arrived.   Thank Goodness!  But I still had a 2 1/2 hr drive to Grand Falls.  The rental car was not the car that was originally requested, instead I got a Ford Focus.  Sandy, at the rental agency was actually excited when she saw my name.  Apparently my name is not too common over here in the Maritimes.  Apparently the only other people she knew with the same last name owned a restaurant in Moncton.  No relation, I’m sure.  So, Ford Focus.  Nice car.  Relatively new.  Has this handy thing where you can plug your phone into the car so you can play your tunes over the car stereo.  I’m liking that.  So the drive was uneventful, until the sun started to set and then I passed the first sign:  Attention, Moose Crossing, next 10 km.  It was a pretty big sign with flashing lights.  Hmmm, Moose, Big sign.  Okay.  So I might see moose on the road.  Should slow down.  However the speed limit is 110km on this lovely highway.  It’s hard not to have a lead foot when you’ve got Woodkid blaring over the speakers.  Hmmm, the sun is setting.  Beautiful colours in the sky.  Pink and gold.  Absolutely beautiful!  Wish it was safe to pull over and take a picture.  But there might be a moose out there.  How come I’ve never noticed these colours before in Vancouver?  Hmmm, the sun is setting.  WHERE are the lights on the car?  Hey, what’s with the picture of the car on the dashboard?  Hey, did the lights just turn on by themselves?  That’s cool.  Okay.  Beautiful sunset.  Hmmm, the sun is setting.  I’m headed west.  Good Lord!  I’m blind!  It’s like the ending of the Two Towers when Gandalf and Eomer arrive as the sun is rising in the East.  The sun is behind the riders and blinds the Uruk-hai as the riders attack.  Except the sun is setting in the West for me, and I’m headed in that direction, and I’m blinded, and at any moment, there will be Moose jumping out on the road in front of me to wreck havoc on my lovely Ford Focus.  Okay I think I should stop for food somewhere.  The one and only restaurant at the airport was closing when I arrived, so no chance of getting food for the road.  But it’s only 9pm, which is really, 5pm Pacific time.  I’m not really that hungry.  But it’ll be 1030pm when I get to the hotel.  There won’t be anything open at that hour.  Hmmm, I hope those are the lights for the car.  Thank goodness there aren’t any cars on the road.  Hmmm, Well that other Moose sign light up as my car approached.  So, the lights must be on.  Where are the moose?  Gosh that’s a pretty twilight.  Love the pink and gold.  More pink and orange now.  Hey!  What’s that over on the hill over there?  Whoa.  Eyes on the road Aunty!  Hey!  Wow!  They use Wind energy here!  That’s cool!  Gosh there’s a lot of them!  Where’s the moose?  Holy crow?  Was that a moose?  No, just a funny rock.  Hmmm, I’m making good time.  I think I should stop and get something to eat now.  Tim Hortons!  Can’t go wrong there.  Especially if there’s more of them than McDonalds!  Or I could stop at a truck stop.  Not tonight.  Not if I can help it.  Tim’s it is!  That was an awful lot of Moose signs on that highway.  Shame I didn’t see any Moose.


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