To the Other side of the World!

Actually I’m just going to the other side of the country.  But it might as well be the other side of the world.  I’m headed over to New Brunswick next week, specifically the town of Grand Falls, population 5700.  It is very last minute.  I only got wind of it yesterday and then received confirmation this morning that I would be going.  So I have two days to pack for a one week trip.  Easy-Peasy!  Really, it’s one day of travel, three days of work and another day of travel.  The only time I’ll have to do anything is after work and on the last day, since I’m not flying back till the evening.

English: Grand FallsI’m looking forward to this little trip.  The largest attraction in Grand Falls is the Saint John River’s falls and gorge which is located in the middle of this town.  Apparently it is the largest waterfall in New Brunswick.  Grand Falls is also supposed to be the most bilingual town in Canada and even has an official French name, Grand-Sault.  Mon Dieu!  Je m’excuse.  Je ne parle pas francais.  Est-ce que vouz parlez anglais?  That’s the best french you’ll get from me.  I hope the weather turns out nice.  You can bet I’ll be snapping pictures left, right and centre while I’m there.  And it will be rain or shine.  I’m even hoping I can squeeze in a hike while I’m there.  This actually might be a great chance for me to test out my packing skills, or at least test out another day pack.

I wonder if I’ll have time to head over to Maine, USA?  I wonder if I’ll get a chance to eat lobster?  Mmm!  Crustaceans!  I’ve got to go find my passport!


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