Eww! Drizzle!

I was supposed to go on a hike last week Saturday.  But when I woke up and looked out the window, the first thing that came to mind was:  Eww!  Drizzle!  Eww!  Rain!  So I cheated and went back to bed.  Of course when I woke up, I felt kind of guilty, but it was a steady drizzly rain all day, till about mid afternoon.  But by then, the hike that I was aiming for was pretty much out of the question because time was running out for me to get there (1 hour) and then do the hike (2.5 hours).  So I didn’t go on my hike.  But I thought, well, I’m going out to lunch with the family Sunday, I’ll go on a hike afterwards, but then the kids came over and really, I don’t get to see the kids too often, especially Little Brother N and my sister W,  so, again the hike was put off.  But I did manage to sneak in a tiny hike up a hill near our place.  Sister C managed to join me after putting the kids to bed.  It wasn’t until just after 8pm before we could head out.  It was an okay hike, I had a different daypack on.  It seemed pretty good, but we only managed to hike for 20 minutes.  According to Sister C’s pedometer, we walked 3100 steps just in that little hike up the hill.  Unfortunately for me, I was not dressed properly.  It had turned a lot colder than I thought it would when I stepped out the door.  So my short sleeved hoodie did nothing for me.  Thankfully my bag that was decked out with gear, had a pair of gloves that I could slip on to try to preserve some warmth.  From the top of the hill, we made our way down to the Fraser River.  I snapped a few pictures and then we turned around and headed up the hill.  Oh Dear, do I ever have a lot of work to do!  We will have to find a more scenic hill to walk up.  And I’m sure next time, when I’m all dressed properly, I’ll be a little more enthusiastic about my next little hill!


Sun will set in about an hour from now!


The Fraser River looking towards the West.


Trying to get a close up shot of the little tug boats!


The Fraser River looking towards the East.


Time to head up the hill! See that in the far back? That’s just the small hill. There was another one right after, to get back to the car.


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