One Thousand and One WHAT? STEPS!

Happy Victoria Day!  It was a lovely day for one thousand and one steps!  That’s right 1001 Steps!  Luckily for me, it wasn’t actually 1001 steps, but it sure felt like it.  My personal trainer, Korri decided last night that it would be a great idea to go to the 1001 Steps Park in Surrey for our workout session today.  My friend Nicole joined us.  It was easy getting down.  Right away, I knew it wasn’t actually 1001 steps.  At the bottom of the steps, if you continue along the trail, you eventually reach the cobblestone beach where all you see is Boundary Bay.  Very Pretty.  But there was no time to admire the view.  It was time for an upper body workout which included V-sits and mountain climbers and squats with tricep extensions, all of which somehow incorporated the cobblestones.  After three sets, it was time to head up the stairs.  If you take a look at the link to the park you’ll see all the lovely photos that I would’ve taken, had I brought my camera, but with the upper body workout, there was probably no way I’d get a steady shot.  My arms were so shaky.  But if you see in the pics, that after about 10 to 12 steps you reach a landing and then go up some more steps, all in a zig zag direction.  Korri was kind enough to give me an option, run up the stairs or walk up the stairs, but if I chose to walk, I would have to do jumping jacks at each landing.  Since I had already done jumping jacks in my Cardio Kickboxing class last week Thursday, I was not looking forward to more jumping jacks.  If I chose to run up the stairs, I would have to do it twice.  I chose to run up the stairs.  I made it halfway and then to prevent my heart from exploding, I had to stop and walk.  As I headed back down, I could hear Korri cheering for me so that was really nice.  But I still had to go up a second time.  Korri was kind enough to say that I didn’t have to run up the second time, but instead, double step it.   Argh!  Brutal!  But good.  Of course, my legs were so shaky once at the top, it was kind of hard to do the one legged squats but with some modifications, it was done.  I’ll do better next time.

So after my fantastic session, it was time to treat myself.  But with what?  I wasn’t going to ruin all my hard work with junky food.  Though ice cream would’ve been yummy!  My fallback?  Retail therapy!  I went to the Metropolis Mall in Burnaby, but instead of my usual haunts, I found myself wandering around the outdoors-y store.  And lo and behold, they were having a sale on Icebreaker clothes!

  1. I had no idea we even sold Icebreaker stuff in Canada.
  2. It was on sale!

I ended up getting three things, a short sleeve shirt, a cowl, and a beanie.  I might return the beanie or at least get an exchange.  I thought I’d go simple and get black, but after taking it home and thinking about it again, I should’ve stuck with the pink that I had first picked up.  I didn’t want to go too crazy shopping since I anticipate slimming down a little before I head off to New Zealand, so I paid up and sauntered my way back to the car.  I know I’ll eventually have to do a little clothes shopping for my time in Vancouver.  I’ve already noticed clothes hanging more loosely, but right now, all my shopping is about what to bring to New Zealand.

I have to remember!  I am climbing a volcano called ‘Mt. DOOM’!


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