Ways to go!

My first session with Korri, my personal trainer, has shown me that spinning is nothing like stairs!  Here I was thinking that my spinning classes will have helped me prepare for this session.  SO NOT!  I feel like when I first had a session with her four years ago on the stairs!  It’s like I hit square one again.  Eek!  But it’s okay.  It just shows me how much further I have to go to get ready for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.  For anyone who doesn’t know about this crossing, stop by here and you’ll see the elevation map and a pretty decent description of each section.  Take note of how they call Mt. Ngauruhoe, “Mt. Doom”, a side trip.  I will be climbing “Mt. Doom”, but it will not be as a side trip.  It’ll be a trip on it’s own, probably after I’ve had a day to recover from the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

So, back to my session today.  After returning home and soaking in a nice hot bath, I can say that I will definitely be doing this again, because I know I can do it, since I just did it, and I know I did it before four years ago.  The spinning classes did help, though at the time of actually going up those steps, I didn’t think so.  The great thing about Korri is that she is so very encouraging.  And that helps when all you want to do is stop.  But I have to remember, that if I want to stop on the crossing, my bus pick up will leave without me and if I really want to stop, I’ll end up like one of those people who have to call for a chopper pick up.  I’d rather suck it up and keep going rather than have that experience.  If I wanted to fly in a helicopter, I’d hire one to fly me to Fox Glacier so I can do some hiking on the glacier.  Yes, I actually have thought about it.  But first things first, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing and climbing “Mt. Doom”.  That is a must, especially since I’m now prepping for it.  By the way the Grouse Grind is now open.  It opened today.  Do I want to climb it next week?  Maybe not just yet.  Korri has sent me a link to hiking trails in the Vancouver, Lower Mainland area.  I think I’ll tackle these places in combination with the Grind.  The trails here are free.  And Free is good.

Next week I think I will be hitting the waters at Jericho beach for 2 hrs of kayaking-related activities.  Ecomarine calls this class “Taste of Kayaking”.  It’ll give me an idea of what to expect.  Korri says she loves kayaking, and especially in less choppy waters since she gets seasick.  Oh dear!  A girl just like me!  If I don’t go next week then I’ll probably go the week after.  I haven’t actually registered for the session yet.  With my photography classes coming up on June, I won’t actually have time to take kayaking classes till July.  So if I procrastinate, I know that I can still register for a June session.

Oh, and by the way, I have just put down a deposit to secure a spot on the Lord of the Rings tour.  Yay!  There is no backing out now!  And since my last post, Reason and Sense has returned, because when I get really excited Reason and Sense sometimes flies out the window.  I won’t be booking my plane tickets just yet.  It is still early.  And just in the off chance that there is a seat sale with Air New Zealand, I would like to take advantage of that.  Yes, I plan to fly with Air New Zealand.  I have checked Expedia and seen other options that are available to me.  And even though I can save around $400 by flying indirectly, I would rather spend that extra money so that I can arrive relatively stress free.  It is just over 14 hours direct versus 26 to 30 hours indirect and that’s with a minimum of two transfers.  That is too much stress, too much time wasted on layovers and too great of a chance of having my luggage lost in who-knows-where.  I don’t need that frustration at the start of a two month trip.

Thank goodness it’s Sunday tomorrow.  I have to go shopping and look for a good backpack for my trip.  Maybe Mum will want to come and then we can go out for lunch.  It is Mother’s Day after all!


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