Just a Little Reading!

By now you’ve all seen Mini Aunty Number One and Number Two.  There will be more Mini Aunties on the way, mainly for the kids.  But eventually I’ll have all of them posted and perhaps you can help me pick which one will be travelling and posing in my New Zealand photos.  Until then, I’m reading up on where to go and what to see and what to do.  I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be going on a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit themed tour.  Oh before I go any further.  I have set a date of June 1, 2013 to purchase the plane ticket and book the tour.  I’m giving Sister P time to think about whether she wants to join me or not.  So, like I said, Themed tour.  But the tour ends in Queenstown.  From there I’m thinking of going to Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound.  After spending a couple of hours reading other travellers’ blogs I got the idea that I want to do some kayaking.  Of course I have never kayaked before and really, now that 24hrs have passed I’m beginning to wonder.  I mean, I get slightly nauseous on the BC Ferries when I head over to Victoria and now I want to kayak?

Yes!  I plan on taking lessons, just so I see how I deal with it.  If  it doesn’t work out so well, at least I’ll know that I need to take Gravol with me, the non drowsy stuff.  But now I’m gonna have to talk to my personal trainer, Korri about working on upper body strength as well.  By the way, my first session with Korri is this Saturday.  Wish me luck.  We are jumping straight to the stairs.  It’ll be a challenge.  But the indoor cycling classes I think, will have helped.  My indoor cycling classes have been going really well.  I still get really red, but it’s good.  Sister C, Nicole and I ended up going to the Champlain Heights Community Centre.  Jenn, the instructor is great.  We all really love her style of teaching.  Today was our last time seeing her on Thursday.  Next week we’ll be cycling on Monday and then Sister C and I are going to a cardio kickboxing class for the next 6 weeks on the Thursdays.  I wonder what that will be like.  I’m sure I’ll post something that night, if not the next day.

I also have a couple of photography classes lined up at the community centre so I get some familiarity with my new camera.  I will probably bring a tripod.  I don’t want to spend extra money buying a Gorillapod, since I got the tripod for free from a friend.  Free is always good.  Afterwards I’ll have to do the stairs and the Grouse Grind (when it eventually opens), while carrying all this stuff with me, just so I get used to it.  I hope the grind opens soon.  I would like to work up the Grind, rather than stairs.  Since Vancouver does not have a volcano for me to practice climbing, I figure the Grouse Grind will be the closest thing to it.

It’s amazing what a little reading will do to a person.  If anyone had said that I would be preparing to climb a mountain or kayaking a few years back, I would have just laughed and told them that’s not my thing.  But really, you only live once.  So why not try it?  At least take a couple of lessons and then make an informed decision.  Right?  Plus, if one of the biggest fears I have is change, what better way to tackle it then by doing something I would not normally do?  And still making sure that it’s not a crazy extreme something!  Did  I mention I’m considering bungy jumping?

I told my friend Jen, the knitter, about kayaking, she was very excited.  And then later she suggested that I might be going through a mid-life crisis.  I don’t think so.  If this is my mid-life crisis, then I’m gonna die young!  Yikes!  No.  I  just think it’s time for me to push the boundaries of my life a little and see what else I’m capable of.  Plus, there is so much to see in New Zealand and it’s an ISLAND x 2, plus other little islands strewn about.  It was bound to happen that some of the things I wanted to see could only be accessed via boat or other floating device.  And I think I’d rather kayak than canoe.  Anyway, when I told Jen I was gonna take kayaking lessons, almost right away she and Irene were planning a kayaking trip.  Hmmmm.  Irene!  You have never kayaked either!  A one day kayaking trip?  Maybe.  Overnight camping and kayaking?  Don’t think so.  I do have limits.  Honestly, after one night I’d miss flushing toilets.  After several nights?  My blow dryer.  I might be amazed to sleep under the stars, and then be irritated to be eaten alive by bugs.  But I said I’d be willing to consider one overnight trip.  But Come On Jen!  First let me take the kayaking lessons!

Oh and I’m not looking forward to the sandflies in New Zealand.  I’ll be loaded up with bug spray for sure!  I can’t wait to do some more New Zealand reading!


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