Crafty Shopping!

Today I introduced Crafty Shopping to Sister P.  I took her and Poh Poh to the Got Craft? fair, this year located at Templeton Secondary School.  Entry fee was $3.  Very reasonable, I think. DSC_0735

This year there were a lot more vendors to choose from.  The space was much larger than last years venue.  The tables for each vender seemed larger and were less crowded and made it much more pleasant to browse because the goods didn’t appear crammed onto a small table.  My first stop, Coffee.  And Thankfully, it was the very first booth as you walk into the gymnasium.  I sent Sister P and Poh Poh onwards since I knew that coffee was not a priority for them.  After waking up, with that tastiest of brews, I turned around to see where they had wandered off to.  They didn’t make it very far.  My sister was on a mission:  to search for a sleeve for her new tablet.  Poh Poh was just along for the ride.  And I just wanted to get out of the house.  Sister P was actually looking for Roxypop, though she didn’t know it at the time.  She was admiring my iPad sleeve that I had purchased at last year’s fair and she thought she might be able to find something for herself.  Alas, she did not.  However she did not walk away empty-handed.  None of us walked away empty-handed. DSC_0741

One of the first booths that I think is worth mentioning was LanaBetty‘s booth.


Right away Sister P was drawn to the earrings, the flower earrings.  At first, I wasn’t exactly interested.  Sorry Lana.  Not because I didn’t like her stuff, but I already had far too many earrings and other pieces of jewellery that I own and rarely wear.  I did not need to add to that stash any more than I needed to purchase more yarn.  But as we stood there waiting for Sister P to make up her mind, the pleasant demeanor of Lana just sort of drew you in to look at her things more closely.  As you can see, she had more things to sell other than earrings, such as hairpins, notepads, buttons, eye masks and reusable coffee cup sleeves.  My favourites were her buttons and the owl earrings.

IMG_1866 IMG_1867 IMG_1865 IMG_1864

It was when I was looking closer at her stuff, that I noticed that she has two different styles of owls.  Sister P and I both walked away with two pairs of earrings each.  Both of us purchased a pair of flower earrings and a pair of owls.  But look closer at her owls.  She has two different styles of owls.  Sister P has a cute pair of chubby green owls and I ended up with a cute pair of yellow owls, with blue wings.  When we were there, Lana was selling the earrings for 3, get the 4th free.  So it was a very good deal.  Thanks Lana!

DSC_0757 DSC_0755 DSC_0756 DSC_0750

After walking away with our happy purchases, Sister P came to admire the goods at Kawaii Eats.  While she was chatting up the vendor, I noticed her neighbour.  To my pleasant surprise, here was a booth selling tea! and other Tea related goods.  Since I had recently purchased several variations of mint tea, I was really not too keen on purchasing more.  However, take a look at this!  Are these not the cutest things you ever saw?


Karla’s Specialteas had a really nice selection of tea and even better, she had samples of her tea.  I tried her Earl Grey Cream and it was absolutlely delicious.  I love Earl Grey and this was probably one of the best I’ve had in a long time.  Sister P tried her Sangria and was also impressed with the tea.  Sister P eventually purchased a small tin called Angel Dreams, which is actually discontinued now, but Karla has a similar blend called Midnight Mint.  We both tried Angel Dreams as soon as we got home.  It’s really nice if you like spearmint.

IMG_1868 IMG_1870

Now, like I said, I wasn’t really looking for any more tea.  And as Sister P recently pointed out, I already had lots of tea that she was willing to take off my hands, so I was looking at Karla’s other crafty items.  And you can guess very easily what I purchased from Karla.  See teapot earrings above.  I could not resist.  It just brought on a huge smile when I saw them.  Yes, I know, my earlier comment about having way to many earrings.  BUT, these are TEAPOTS!  My only dilemma was, what colour?  I think purple/pink was a good choice!  Karla also had this great little bamboo infuser, which in my haste I did not photograph.  If you go to her website, you’ll see a variety of tea accessories as well as all the different types of teas that she carries.  I hope to see her next time at Got Craft.

We continued along and somehow I lost sight of Sister P and Poh Poh.  But that was because I got distracted by Kohana.  More specifically, the contents in this particular box got me distracted.  All the jewellery pieces have vintage map pieces within it.  MAPS!IMG_1871

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know that I am more than excited about my upcoming trip to New Zealand.  So my first question, after admiring the Vancouver map pieces and the Hong Kong map piece was, Do you have any with a map of New Zealand?  And when she said no, it was like…Hmmm.  Now what?  Thankfully Kohana does custom orders.  Now I normally don’t buy things until I’ve actually seen and touched it.  The only time I’ve ever purchase anything online was for books.  Because really how do you screw up a pre printed book?  You can’t.  So it’s perfectly okay to order online.  But with this item, not having seen what the map will look like, I had to stop and think, for all of 20 whole seconds.  So in two weeks time, I will have a lovely piece of jewellery with a map of New Zealand.  Slightly obsessed?  Perhaps.  At least I didn’t ask if she had any with maps of Middle Earth!  Now I do have to apologize here.  I guess I was just too excited, because the photo of the box above is blurry.  And it actually has me a bit upset because the pieces in the box were really very pretty.

When I finally caught up with Sister P and Poh Poh, Sister P had discovered the Make Cheese booth.  Now usually Sister P has a very short attention span, but when she’s really interested in something, she totally pays attention.  By the time Poh Poh and I had completed our rounds, Sister P was able to repeat almost verbatim, the instructions on how to make cheese.  I don’t know if Sister P plans on making any cheese while she’s in town, but good on her for taking an interest.  And thankfully, the cheese making kit includes an instruction book.  Did I mention that Sister P has a short attention span?IMG_1874

After Sister P made her purchase, I had to stop at the Knit Social tables.  As mentioned in my previous post, I was having pinky finger issues with holding the needles and I thought I might get some advice from these lovely ladies.  I have been checking in on the Knit Social website ever since I heard about the Knit City event last year.  However due to bad timing, I never made it out to the Knit City event.  So besides my mom, I consider these ladies to be experts and I needed advice.  And I got some good advice and learned a different way to hold my yarn, and bought a tape measure and a bag to hold my knitting projects.  But no yarn.  Not that there wasn’t any yarn for sale.  I just had to hold back on something, if not earrings this time, then yarn.  Oh so tempting.

In fact this entire Got Craft Fair was very tempting.  I can hardly wait for next years fair!


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