Meet the Family!

I was going to start off the post with “My sister is in town,”  But then I realized that I’m always talking about “My sister”, perhaps giving the impression that there is only one when in fact there are three.  So for clarification purposes, Meet my family.  There is Sister P, Sister C and Sister W.  Sister C is mum to Big Sister Z and Little Brother Z.  Sister W is mum to Little B (or Big Sister B) and Little N (or Baby Brother N).  There is also Poh Poh (my mom) and then me, Aunty.  Hi!

Now that we’re all clear, My Sister P is in town.  She arrived yesterday from the other side of the Rocky Mountains i.e. Edmonton and will be with us for about two weeks.  I mentioned to her that I would be going to New Zealand next year January.  She was interested until I told her how long I wanted to spend there (6 weeks) and how much it was going to cost (over $4000 just for the land tour).  So it looks like I’ll be headed to New Zealand on my own.  Which is okay.  I pretty much expected to be going on my own anyways.  But I am just the teensiest bit disappointed.  She was my regular travel companion.  And even though we usually get on each other’s nerves about halfway through our trips together, we tend to get over it, well, because we are usually stuck with each other so we have to get over it.  So I’m on my own this time.  Which is not a terrible thing.  I’ve done it before, travelling alone but Poh Poh thinks I’ll be lonely on this trip.  I don’t think Poh Poh realizes that just because I’m travelling alone, it does not mean I’ll be lonely.  But I do know she is the type to join up with tours just because that’s how she likes to travel.  She likes having someone else take care of all the travel arrangements such as where to sleep, eat, what to see and having someone else do the driving.  I guess there is also safety in numbers.  Now I sometimes feel like that too, which is why I’m planning on going on the LOTR/Hobbit tour.  But for me it’s more like I’m too lazy to try to figure out where the locations are and I would rather pay the extra money for someone else to work out that stuff.  And after I’ve sort of gotten the lay of the land, I’m off and on my own, in this case not to retrace the route, but to see and do things that weren’t on the tour.  Poh Poh also thinks that I’ll fall asleep while driving and crash the car.  I think that if I’m gonna crash the car, it’s probably because I was looking at the amazing scenery and then drove off the cliff.  Of course I didn’t tell her that.  But I have a feeling she’ll be coming up with more reasons why I shouldn’t go alone, which is actually very annoying and yet kind of typical of her.  But I will hold my tongue and stay firm.  I am going!  The map has been purchased and posted on my wall, at home and at work.  There are sticky notes already.  There is a Lonely Planet New Zealand book.  I just found a knitting pattern to make a “Mini Aunty”.  This is going to happen.

But in the meantime, I have more research to do.  And closer to present day, I have to decide if I want to go to another indoor cycling class today.


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